SPRING Technologies Release Version 2017 of NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS

SPRING Technologies announces the release of version 2017 of NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS

Performance and automation… Major enhancements for NCSIMUL 4CAM

SPRING Technologies, vendor of software for the optimal and flexible use of Numerical ncsimul, spring technologiesControl machines, reducing costs and speeding product development, announces the latest version of its flagship NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS. The new version sets a groundbreaking benchmark for comprehensive control of the machining process, allying ease of use, flexibility and automation to build the Factory of the Future.

SPRING has focused its R&D on optimizing the performance of NCSIMUL 4CAM, the CAM add-on module and technological jewel in its offering. Based on SPRING’s expertise in the field, NCSIMUL 4CAM 2017 effectively brings users more efficient processes and integrates their best practice. With the new version of NCSIMUL 4CAM, manufacturers now have a decision-making tool that is reliable, flexible, secured and automated for selecting the production resources they want to deploy.

New features of Version 2017 of NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS and the NCSIMUL 4CAM module:

  • New probing strategies with checking and measurement of intermediary rough stocks:
    • User benefits: automatic compensation, taking into account tool wear during machining, where applicable;
  • Support for turning after milling, for one-click NC machine turnaround.
    • User benefits: automatic reprogramming for all NC tool and machine changes, delivering real flexibility and significant time-saving for CAM programmers and workshop scheduling.
  • The OPTITOOL option is built into NCSIMUL 4CAM 2017 enabling automation and optimization, especially all rapid motion, with graphic analysis enabling quick before/after comparison of improvements.
    • User benefits: one-click time-saving on each single machining cycle.
  • The NCSIMUL TOOL cutting tool management with 3D definitions, attachments and cutting conditions has been enriched, standardized and stored by material, machine and operation.
    • User benefits: operational time-saving on project go-live and capitalized best practices for cutting conditions and automated reuse.
  • One-click project update (phase calculation, simulation and ISO code restart, etc.); phase export/import to exchange project information with other customer sites or external partners.
  • User benefits: enhanced inter-company collaboration with sub-contractors, suppliers and customers, covering all or part of a project, enabling data exchange and securing the whole project.
  • Automatic performance analysis of the assembly for 5-axis NC machines. Automatic graphic detection of machining risk zones and less than optimal cutting conditions.
  • User benefits: automatic prediction of non-quality risks for 5-axis machining (surface condition, finishing).
  • 3 new CAM programs have been added to the list of Workpackages available with NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS 2017: Alphacam, CATIA, Cimatron, Creo, Edgecam, ESPRIT, FeatureCAM, GibbsCAM, hyperMILL Mastercam, NX, PowerMILL, and TopSolid’Cam.

Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies says:

“We have developed a product that is truly unique on the market. Ours is effectively the only approach that uses data from the workshop to deliver maximum productivity for NC machine tools, cutting costs and factoring in the four key parameters that set the cost price of a part: machine cost, material cost, cutting tool cost and programming/workshop costs. Manufacturers know the score and trust us. Going forward, it’s our job to continue developing NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS and its NCSIMUL 4CAM module to offer our customers the very best, bringing them tools that will deliver the extra competitive edge they need.

Professionals across the NC business are praising NCSIMUL 4CAM. At the latest INTEC show, held in Germany from March 7 to 10 2017 and attended by top specialists, we were awarded another Trophy for Best Innovation. A jury of experts from industry, research centers and non-profit organizations singled out SPRING and NCSIMUL 4CAM for the INTEC Award, the third we have received for our solution in the last year. We are very proud of this achievement. The awards are a tangible acknowledgement of our focus on R&D: a tight coupling of software and machine to optimize the digital process.”



SPRING Technologies develops software solutions designed to optimize manufacturing companies’ CNC machines to reduce costs and maximize productivity. Its product NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS® provides a complete and integrated mastery of the production process from engineering departments to the shop floor, including NC programming, machining simulation, cutting tool management, CNC program management and real time machine status monitoring. This unique approach simplifies the digital chain and provides needed tools and flexibility for the implementation of automated factories. Based in France, Germany, PR China and the USA, the company was founded in 1983 and collaborates with manufacturers in aerospace and defense, transportation, energy, industrial equipment and medical devices using CAM software such as Mastercam, CATIA, NX, CREO, TopSolidCAM, and others. Through its global network of resellers, SPRING supports its customers all over the world.

For more information, visit: www.ncsimul.com

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