Scotchman Industries Introduces the GAA-600-90 CNC Automatic Upcut Circular Cold Saw.

Scotchman Industries is proud to introduce the GAA-600-90 CNC, Automatic Upcut Circular Cold Saw, the newest addition to our non-ferrous saw line. The GAA-600-90 CNC is a large
capacity upcut automatic saw with 600mm (24") diameter carbide blade for cutting non-ferrous materials at 90° up to 8" square or round and 14” x 4” rectangle.

The precision CNC control stores 10 programs, with each program containing up to 30 different cut lengths and quantities, which can easily be created or adjusted right on the machine at any time. Programs can also be imported through UBS port.

The saw uses a robust shuttle feed design featuring a 27” ballscrew servomotor automatic feeder. Adjustable length selector from 0.200" to 20" and unlimited stroke and adjustable cutting and feeding speeds provides more versatility to customize the saws operation to fit specific requirements. Three horizontal and three vertical pneumatic clamps secure the workpiece during the cutting process assuring the highest cut length tolerances,
± 0.0006" per index.

GAA-600 CNC saw standard features include: a 7.5 hp motor that delivers a cutting speed of 3,000 rpm, pneumatic mist coolant system, powered hood lift and LED lighting, a base designed with 2 chip extraction ports makes it easy to couple with a chip vacuum, meets CE standards, 230 volt or 460 volt configurations, and backed by Scotchman Industries’ 2-year warranty on parts.

2022 is Scotchman Industries 55 Year Anniversary for American Manufacturing. The complete line of products includes: Hydraulic Ironworkers, Circular Cold Saws, Band Saws, Tube & Pipe Notcher/Grinders, Hydraulic Presses, Manual Measuring Systems and Programmable Feed & Stop Systems.

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