Rollon Unveils TLS Series Telescoping Linear Actuators for Space-Constrained Applications

Rollon, a global manufacturer of linear motion and gantry systems, has introduced its TLS Series of telescoping linear actuators. The new series is designed to maximize productivity for applications where space is limited — especially for applications with minimal vertical clearance, such as between the machine and ceiling, or horizontally between machines.
TLS telescoping actuators integrate seamlessly into multi-axis systems and are available in two- or three-stage versions. Their telescopic design enables long stroke lengths with minimal closed lengths. The TLS Series features a synchronized drive system, requiring only a single motor to achieve motion. Additionally, these actuators are equipped with a built-in automated lubrication system, ensuring a prolonged lifetime while requiring minimal maintenance.

Specifications include:
-Four sizes: 100, 230, 280 and 360.
-Up to 3,000-millimeter stroke length, single direction.
-Maximum speed up to 6 meters/second.
-Acceleration up to 20 meters/second.
-Repeatability as low as ±0.05 millimeters.

Rollon’s TLS Series actuators’ unique combination of high stroke to closed length ratio, synchronized drive system, simple mounting, and minimal maintenance requirement empowers designers to easily optimize their machine footprint or floor layouts for a wide range of industrial equipment including CNC, part transfer, and assembly machinery.

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About Rollon

Rollon is a leading manufacturer of linear motion systems, guides, linear actuators and gantry systems designed to meet the requirements of engineers involved in machine design applications in the primary fields of industrial automation and robotics. Part of Timken, ROLLON is a global company with operations in Europe, Asia and North America. The Company has a dedicated engineering staff located throughout the USA and servicing all of North and South America.

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