Rivdom One cordless riveter from S-B Industries

S-B Industries Releases Rivdom One Cordless Riveter

The new Rivdom One cordless riveter is an ergonomically designed, battery powered, blind rivet tool designed to go anywhere and tackle virtually any riveting task without needing access to compressed air.

S-B Industries, Inc. introduces the newest installment in the well-established Rivdom rivdom one, rivdom, s-b group, s-b, s-b industriescordless rivet tool line. Designed and manufactured by German based VVG-Honsel GmbH, the Rivdom cordless riveter product line is raising the bar in cordless rivet tool technology, industry-wide.

“The assembly industry is moving at warp speed towards cordless tools and the Rivdom product line is zooming ahead in the right direction,” said Michael Mervis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for S-B Industries. “The first in our new series of four Rivdom cordless riveters is the Rivdom One (VT400-16), with added features to tackle both production and off-line blind rivet assembly applications.”

Besides the 2,023 lbs. of traction power allowing the Rivdom One to set up to 3/16” rivets in all materials, a belt clip is added for complete flexibility as well as an overhead balance hanger for stationary assembly applications. Rivdom One has upgraded to a 16v lithium-ion battery and uses a universal charger that will fully power the gun in under 30 minutes.

Rivdom One advanced ergonomics includes a soft, comfortable grip handle giving relief to the operator and is superbly balanced in their hand or standing upright. A conveniently placed LED light turns on when the trigger is actuated and illuminates the riveting application.

“S-B Industries provides riveters with best-in-class quality, design, service and support,” said Mervis, “we look forward to introducing the rest of our new and improved Rivdom cordless riveters in the coming months.”

About S-B Industries

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, S-B Industries, Inc. specializes in developing cost effective, innovative solutions for the tooling and component sourcing needs of clients throughout the United States and abroad.  For more information about S-B Industries Rivdom line of Cordless Riveters, visit their website at www.s-bgroup.com, e-mail at mmervis@s-bgroup.com, or call 800-543-1011.