REO AG Heading Towards the Future

Introduction of a visionary regulation devices range at the beginning of 2020

  • Introduction of a frequency converter from the latest generation
  • Implementation of Industry 4.0 interfaces

REO AG has confirmed that the rumours about a new generation of frequency converters are true with an initial video teaser. According to REO, the premiere of the product will be coming soon. The company wants to release further details in mid-October.

Initial information concerning the frequency converter involves a new development in collaboration with the technicians of the start-up company REO Digital Connect 4.0, a subsidiary of REO. It is exclusively concerned with digitalisation and device communication with regards to Industry 4.0.

Click HERE to watch the first teaser video!

About REO AG

REO – Since 1925 Your Reliable Partner for Inductive and Electronic Solutions

The products which are manufactured today set international standards; great care is taken to promote and protect the REO brand as well as the associated brand names.

The forward-looking developments in the energy efficiency and switching power supply sectors under the name REOTRON alongside products for use in rail technology, wind turbines and numerous other renewable energy applications already make up a considerable share of overall turnover.

Guided by a sense of social responsibility and technical expertise, REO as a family-owned company together with its staff, continues to remain true to its motto of serving niche markets for its customers.

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