RedViking Introduces ArgonautTM Manufacturing Platform

RedViking Announces ArgonautTM, the World’s First Fully Configurable Manufacturing Performance Platform

For more than 25 years, RedViking has been designing and building manufacturing execution systems (MES) for some of the world’s largest manufacturers. ArgonautTM manufacturing performance program was developed with input from RedViking customers who want an MES that’s easier to manage, easier to scale, and less expensive to own.


By combining a robust, configurable apps architecture with an innovative and flexible edge-of-network IIoT device, companies are now able to buy only the digital manufacturing apps they need, deploy them to specific locations where they’re needed, and securely manage them from a central location.

The Argonaut Platform offers unmatched advantages, giving manufacturers the freedom to seamlessly advance operations.

  • Manageable: Centralized control of app deployment and updates
  • Affordable: Minimal hardware and staffing, subscription software pricing
  • Flexible: Deploy specific apps and reports wherever you need them
  • Scalable: Start with a single cell or line and expand throughout your entire enterprise
  • Configurable: Each app can be configured for a wide variety of operations
  • Comprehensive: Complete end-to-end integrated software and IIoT hardware
  • Secure: Utilizes SSL encryption technologies and token-based authentication

The Argonaut Platform includes both software and hardware components that may be used individually or in combination to meet specific operational needs.

Platform Software

  • Argonaut contains the core software to serve up and support manufacturing apps
  • Version 1.0 Apps include:
  • OEE/Factory Information System for process management and reporting
  • Track and Trace for part, product and process traceability
  • Pack Out: Identify, verify and track completed groups of components
  • Error/Mistake Proofing: Quality check for gated operations
  • IIoT Gateway: Securely broadcast PLC data to subscribers for interpretation and analysis
  • HMI Bridge for 3rd party manufacturing apps deployment
  • Part Kitting and Sequencing for assembly line optimization
  • Automated Work Instructions for each operation
  • Media Casting for delivering websites, videos, and images to remote locations

Platform Hardware

  • Argonaut offers an innovative, IIOT, edge-of-network device for Argonaut applications,providing both a user interface and a communications gateway for plant floor equipment, such as PLCs, torque tools and bar code scanners.
  • Hardware available with and without integrated HMI
  • Communications options available included wired and wireless ethernet, and are
    configurable to work behind an authenticated network proxy

Pricing information is available upon request. Argonaut is designed to be an affordable, flexible alternative to traditional MES. Because every customer’s integration requirements are different, initial pricing will vary, but capital expense is minimized.

About RedViking
RedViking designs and builds solutions to difficult manufacturing challenges. Headquartered in Plymouth, MI, with engineering centers in Raleigh, NC and Corpus Christi, TX, RedViking partners with the world’s largest manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, commercial vehicle, off-highway, marine and defense.

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