Production Software Inc. Launches Quality Control App

Michigan Startup Launches Web-based Quality Control Application

Introduces Quality Control Solutions for Visual Work Instructions and Real-time Machine Monitoring At an Affordable Price

Production Software Inc.
, a start-up company based in West Michigan, announces the launch of a web-based application to assist manufacturers with their quality control needs, offering a range of services all at a surprisingly low price.

Quality Control

Production Software, Inc. (PSI), will be on display at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) on September 12-17, 2016.

PSI was conceived by Paul Kuyt, owner of Re-source Industries, a Michigan-based company that provides production machining services for a variety of clients. As the company expanded, Kuyt found himself in need of a more efficient way to keep track of his machines and employees. The result was robust software that is “unlike anything on the market today,” according to Kuyt.

“This program is especially helpful for small to medium sized companies for maintaining compliance with the ISO/TS standards.”

About PSI
PSI focuses on simplifying the way manufacturing companies handle their process controls by bringing together a wide range of tools into one easy-to-use program. Businesses can manage their work instructions, scheduling, and training, in addition to having real-time productivity, gauge calibration, and machine monitoring, all in one application.

The software requires no special hardware and can be ran on a standard touch-screen computer right at the workstation. The software is available as a cloud-based SAAS subscription for only $29.99/month per seat.

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