Palmgren’s 10-Inch Automatic Horizontal Band Saw For Extreme Production Work

Palmgren’s  10-Inch Automatic Horizontal Band Saw For Extreme Production Work

Built for high output and heavy duty performance, Palmgren’s 10-Inch Automatic automatic horizontal band saw, palmgren, c.h. hansonHorizontal Band Saw offers extremely tight tolerances in both cutting repeatability and accuracy even at high cutting rates. It is equipped with a hydraulic shuttle vise feed system with split vises that securely clamp the workpiece. Its touch screen multiple-job programming allows the operator to continually produce accurate cuts. Made from heavy duty cast iron and steel, it provides superior stiffness and vibration dampening.

About Palmgren

Since 1919 Palmgren products have proven their reliability, efficiency and durability in over 95 years of use by all types of industry throughout the world. Clarence Palmgren was acclaimed for his achievements and contributions to the metal working industry through his innovative designs and patents.  He is credited with the design and manufacture of the first machine vises, cross slide and rotary tables that significantly increased efficiency and productivity with metalworking manufacturer’s worldwide. This created the foundation of innovation and quality that the Palmgren brand is built upon and follows today. So it is no surprise that Palmgren continues to be a market leader not only with our vises and positioning tables but across our whole expanded metalworking product offering. Palmgren today delivers tools for the generations and solutions that solve the needs of the metal working industry. Recognizing the value of the brand and the need for supplier consolidation by retailers, CH Hanson acquired Palmgren Steel Products in October 2013.

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