OSAI Introduces New CNC Turnkey Prewired Packages

OSAI announced introduction of its new CNC turnkey prewired packaged systems for the metalworking CNC plasma, laser, and milling industries.

osai_Turnkey_CNC_WebThese packages are completely digital with Ethercat servo drives and brushless motors (230V or 400V) that are prewired and configured for plasma, oxy-fuel cutting systems, laser, milling machines, and routers. OSAI’s base packages are 3 to 4 axes with options of up to 8 axes. The package is equipped with compact panel (15” color LED screen/keyboard/jog console). Other options include a TOP5 remote pendant that includes a 6.4 resistive touchscreen, jog keys, emergency button, start, stop, reset, accessible USB port and configurable buttons.

The new standard Ethercat protocol serves as the basis for connecting all the products in the family, enabling information to be exchanged between the various nodes and, when needed, making it possible to monitor several elements belonging to the same product family. With the ODM (OSAI Device Manager), the integrator can manage the kinematics of the machine & AMP (Adjustable Machine Parameters).   This enables the user to remotely login to the CNC to view or change any parameters related to the CNC, drives, and motors.

OSAI packages have a Windows-based front-end. This allows the end-user the flexibility of using a typical PC environment with industrial CNC reliability. The CNC includes an optional conversational package (OPENMill) to create simple to complex programs. Basic cutting, profiling, drilling, and milling can be programmed and executed with the control package.

“The OSAI CNC turnkey system is a solution package that is ideal for OEMs and system integrators, reports Ivica Simunic, National Sales Manager for OSAI USA. “Our systems allow our customers to work smarter, not harder, with a package that makes sense to them.”

OSAI turnkey packages are backed by OSAI USA’s more than 50 years experience providing leading original equipment manufacturers and machine builders with state-of-the-art CNC control solutions.

For more information, call 413-598-5200 or visit: http://www.osaicnc.com
Email: sales.osai.usa.@primelectro.com
OSAI USA is headquartered at: 711 East Main Street, Chicopee, Massachusetts 01020.