OMAX Corporation Unleashes Intelli-MAX® 21

New cutting model elevates waterjet cutting to extraordinary levels of speed and performance

OMAX Corporation recently expanded its Intelli-MAX Software Suite for OMAX JetMachining® Centers with the release of Intelli-MAX 21. The latest version – with a new fourth generation cutting model – not only optimizes tool paths automatically, it gives users precise predictability as to cutting speeds, taper, jet lag and other abrasivejet factors of those particular tool paths. All of which takes abrasive waterjet cutting to the industry’s highest levels of speed and performance.

The cutting model within Intelli-MAX 21 builds upon years of real-world abrasive waterjet data accumulated through OMAX’s first and second-generation equation-based cutting models as well as from the massive data set of its third-generation model. The result is a cutting model that provides highly precise process and machine behavior predictions.

Omax - IntelliMax21According to Carl Olsen, lead software engineer for OMAX Corporation, this new cutting model is superior in every respect, offering improved cutting performance across the board. “We took the best software in the industry and made it even better. With version 21, OMAX abrasive waterjet users gain the highest level of control, most uniform cutting and surface finishes, extended ranges of machinability and the best waterjet cutting precision, speed and repeatability on the market,” Olsen said.

Intelli-MAX Software updates bring performance enhancements to the company’s broad range of machine accessories. With version 21, Tilt-A-Jet® users experience increased speed and accuracy when machining inside corners and small radii, especially in thick materials.

Based on customer feedback, Intelli-MAX 21 includes AutoPath command improvements, better import capabilities for DXF/DWG and PDF files, as well as enhanced memory for the 3D Path Editor.

Thanks in part to its innovative Intelli-MAX Software Suite, OMAX Corporation is the global leader in advanced abrasive waterjet technology. The software requires minimal operator training and makes it easy for users to create precision 2D and 3D parts faster and at a lower cost.

“Whether it involves better file importing or expanding our parametric shape library for enhanced 3D cutting, we continuously update and improve our software so we can effectively support the diverse and changing needs of our customers,” said Olsen. “Intelli-MAX updates are free to OMAX machine owners for as long as they own their equipment.”

OMAX Corporation backs all Intelli-MAX Software updates with unparalleled support. The company continuously adds to and updates its software help screens, giving users access to more than 2,000 pages of tutorials, troubleshooting guides, videos, and tips and tricks, directly at the OMAX machine controller.

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About OMAX:
OMAX® Corporation designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced abrasive waterjet technology in a variety of table sizes and price points at its headquarters in Kent, Washington. Backed by unmatched support and powered by the company’s intuitive control software, OMAX and MAXIEM® JetMachining® Centers bring affordable performance to a continuously expanding range of industries.

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