Oasis Inspection Systems Add “Core” Product

OASIS Inspection Systems’ latest innovation allows customers to use system on own computers

George Products Company, Inc., the manufacturer of OASIS Inspection Systems, has announced the addition of its “Core” product line.

The OASIS Core has been designed to enable customers to run the OASIS system on their own computers. It is based on the same technology of the company’s “Elite” model, which already has a strong reputation for its ability to instantly and simultaneously measure all external dimensions of different parts.

Oasis Inspection Systems - Core“We are extremely excited to launch the new OASIS Core Inspection System, as it puts advanced metrology technology within reach of smaller shops that have tight margins and slim budgets,” said Erik Adams, Sales Manager at George Products Company. “In addition to that, companies with strict IT policies can now use our system with the computers they already have on their internal networks, eliminating the need to add new hardware.”

The OASIS Core gives users the exact same high-capacity software as the Elite, and is able to handle the most demanding applications. For businesses that really need to drive down costs, the Core also features a “lite” version, enabling users to get the power of the system’s measurement and reporting functionalities without all of the extra options.

“This new machine is wonderful and is already making a huge impact on my job,” said Ed Holden, Vice President of CE Holden, Inc. of Cheswick, PA, a user of the system. “We are only scratching the surface with this product’s potential.”

About OASIS Inspection Systems:
OASIS Inspection Systems are full-featured machine programs designed to measure multiple profile dimensions in seconds, and are accurate within 0.0001 inches. The product’s trademark features are its accuracy, speed and ease of use. George Products Company was founded in 1951 and is located in Middletown, DE.

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