Norstat Nano – 02 : Multi-Purpose Pressure & Vacuum Switch With Keypad

Norstat now offers the NANO-02, a multi-purpose Pressure & Vacuum switch with keypad, display, and a durable metal housing.

The NANO-02 from M-P Sensor is compact pressure and vacuum sensor that is easily programmable on site via its keys and display to access the menu. Three ( 3 ) status LEDs and the diagnosis function of the I/O Link provide accurate fault diagnosis. With its compact, yet durable metal housing the NANO-02 is ideally suited for applications with limited space as well as harsh environment applications. The NANO-02 is equipped with two transistor switching outputs, one of which can be utilized as an I/O link interface. 

The NANO-02 is available in multiple pressure measuring ranges that offer real time pressure readings and is capable of measuring filtered, dry or oiled air and non-corrosive gases. Switching outputs are 2x PNP or 2x NPN with an operating voltage of 10 … 30 VDC. Electrical connection is via M8 4 pole connector and the NANO-02 carries a protection rating of IP65. Contact Norstat for additional information, pricing, and availability

About Norstat

Since The early 1960’s, Norstat has been servicing the industrial automation marketplace by offering safety, automation and connectivity solutions to the machine, process control, robotic, and automation industries with a complete line of safety, control, automation and connectivity products. Our trained engineering staff at our Rockaway, NJ headquarters as well as our numerous representatives out in the field can offer expert solutions for all of your safety, automation, and connectivity requirements.

Our SAFETY program includes Safety Light Curtains, Muting Light Curtains & Safety Controllers, Safety Interlock switches, Non-Contact Safety Switches, Safety Relays as well as Optical and Audible Signaling Devices. Our AUTOMATION program consists of Sensors for Pressure, Vacuum, and Positioning, Photoelectric & Ultrasonic Sensors, Foot Switches, Limit Switches both IEC body and Miniature types for axis control as well as a full line of Push Buttons, Panel Mount Switches, Buzzers and Emergency Stop Switches. Our CONNECTIVITY program features DIN Connectors for Sensors and Solenoid Valves, M8/M12 Connectors for Sensors and Switches, Passive & Smart Distribution Boxes, Automotive Connectors ( D-Type ) as well as a full range of special connection solutions that can be custom designed to fit most any application. This complete program enables our customers to conform to both the domestic and international machine safety and compliance standards along with the knowledge that Norstat supports their products with a friendly and experienced customer service team.

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