New Welding Cobot Alleviates Labor Challenges and Provides Consistent Weld Quality

Skilled welders are hard to find, so it’s best to assign them to higher-return jobs instead of using them for simpler welding tasks. Fabricators and job shops can now give the easy, low-value weld jobs to the new FastARC® CX1000 collaborative robot (cobot) from Acieta.

“The FastARC CX1000 repeatedly welds accurate and high-quality welds all day, every day,” says Bill Brauer, Sr. Robotic Systems Engineer, at Acieta. “That means less scrap,  increased uptime and greater capacity, so shops can take on more work.”

The FastARC CX1000 cobot is cart-mounted and can be moved around the shop wherever it’s needed. Changeover is quick, making the FastARC CX1000 perfect for low volume-high mix shops. Hand-guiding the robot makes for simple programming so no advanced programming experience is necessary. An intuitive interface features drag and drop programming.

Welding Cobot

As a standard, pre-engineered system, the FastARC CX1000 can be available for delivery and installation within just weeks. With many end-of-arm tooling options, the CX1000 can be uncoupled from the welding cart and repurposed for different applications like machine tending or sanding when not welding.

The FastARC CX1000 cobot is equipped with a FANUC 6-axis, 10 kg capacity collaborative robotic arm that’s maintenance-free for up to eight years. The system is compatible with Lincoln Electric®and Miller Electric® welders and is IP 67 rated with sealed components to work in industrial environments.

For more information about the FastARC CX1000, visit or call 844-4-ACIETA.

About Acieta

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