New QP5X-400 Machining Center at IMTS 2016

Come to Chicago to learn why the new Chevalier 5-axis machining center has it all.

Other innovative Chevalier machines to run their paces at the show.

Chevalier Machinery plans to exhibit eleven machines, the most ever, September 12-14 in Chicago’s enormous McCormick Place. The machines, many of which have been designed to
increase production and efficiency, will run their paces in a 5,000-square-foot booth on the IMTS showroom floor. Chevalier’s own engineers will be on hand throughout the duration of the show to answer all questions.

QP5X-400, chevalierChevalier’s exciting line-up of breakthrough machines include four new machines: the QP5X-400 5-axis VMC machining center, FBL-230+Gantry robotics CNC slant bed lathe, FNL-220LSY multi-axis turning and milling CNC lathe and FVM-3016DCL II next-generation, premier double-column bridge machine, all demonstrating increased
production efficiency for automation.

“IMTS is a great show to meet with the brightest minds and see the newest technology. And there’s no better place to learn, connect and network,” says Johnson Lan, Chevalier’s vice president and top expert on grinding systems.

“Chevalier values the opportunities only an in-person event of this magnitude can deliver to our clients. We’ll exhibit how our newest state-of-the-art machines solve production issues and discuss how we’re able to work with our clients to meet their production goals.”

Here is a rundown of Chevalier’s 11 machines:

NEW QP5X-400 – 5-axis Machining Center

The new QP5X-400, a 40 taper, high-speed VMC features 5-axis simultaneous or 4+1 axis applications. The standard machine is integrated with a 2-axis, 12.6″ trunnion table. The QP5X-400 has it all: better accuracy, more productivity, less manpower, less cycle time and higher profitability. It has a table load of 220 lbs. with a 12.6″ trunnion table. The workpiece dimension is 15.7″ x 13.7″H. Travel for the X, Y and Z-axes are 20.5″, 15.8″ and 15″, respectively. The series offers a 2-axis trunnion table with a heavy-duty, three-piece, cross-roller bearing, providing excellent part loading and machining capability and an A-axis accuracy rate of ±10″.  The spindle includes a large-diameter, big-plus spindle design that uses four-piece, P4 class, high-precision angular-contact ball bearings to increase spindle rigidity and maintain a degree of accuracy during high-speed machining. The machine provides fast interpolation, with a high-linear rapid speed of 1,417 / 1,417 / 1,181 ipm. The spindle taper is #40; spindle power is 25HP/Fanuc, with a spindle speed of 12,000 rpm (optional 12K and 15K). Tool capacity is 30+1. The series includes a Fanuc 0iMF control for 4+1 applications, a 10.4″ color LCD with a 4-axis simultaneous controller, data server, Ethernet, USB capabilities and much more.

NEW FVM-3016DCL II Double-Column Bridge Machine With High-speed Machining Mode

The new FVM-3016DCL II Series, a next-generation, premier double-column bridge machine, offers a heavy-duty structure, powerful spindle and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. The machine’s table size is 122″ x 57″ with a table load of 17,600 lbs. The X-Y-Z travel is 122″ x 63″ x 30.7″. The maximum part height under the spindle is 38.6″. The distance between columns is 70.9″. The heavily ribbed, Meehanite cast-iron base underscores the machine’s rigidity and stability. The oversized column and box-type beam construction provide excellent support and damping absorption. The cross rail is designed by a rigid trio of  55mm linear roller ways that support the load in both vertical and horizontal directions. The entire X-travel of the table is fully supported by 12 pieces of sliding blocks, eliminating overhanging issues. The heavy-duty roller guide ways on the X and Y axes enhance acceleration, preventing any stick-slip problems. The Z-axis uses two box way structures for maximum rigidity and cutting support. The series offers a 6000rpm, two-speed gear box spindle. This high/low gear spindle provides ample power output power and a high-speed range for fine-cutting results. The 35HP motor, with a two-speed gearbox, can generate 719NM (530 ft.-lbs.) of torque. The FANUC 0i-MD is a standard control feature with an 10.4” TFT LCD display.

NEW EM2040-L Series – More Bang For Your Buck VMC

The NEW EM Series is a high-speed VMC with a cost savings that hammers the competition by delivering more bang for the buck and increasing production capabilities. The high-speed machine, engineered with efficiency, satisfies the need for large quantity machining with limited floor space. The major parts of the machine are constructed of high-quality Meehanite cast iron, offering superior stability. The machine’s base is supported by full-travel, enabling it to be suitable for high-speed machining. All 3 axes are built with high-speed linear ways, providing smooth, quick movement without delay. The series ranges from 16″ x 20″ to 20″ x 40″. The series has a table load of up to 1,320 lbs. with an overall table dimension of up to 47″ x 20″. The travel on the X, Y and Z axes are up to 40″ x 20.8″ x 20″. The series provides fast interpolation, minimizing machining time, with rapid speeds of up to 1,417ipm. The powerful 20HP spindle motor handles up to 10,000rpm, combining an attractive finish surface in high-speed with enough torque in lower rpm.  The series is loaded with features: FANUC 0iMF, color 8.4″ LCD equipped with a 4-axes, simultaneous control, Ethernet, USB capabilities and much more.

NEW FBL-230 – Horizontal Turning Lathe+Gantry Robotics

The new FBL-230+Gantry Robotics features a 45-degree slant-bed, rigid box ways structure. Its ribbed Meehanite cast-iron mono-blocking foundation provides strong support and excellent damping absorption, which helps resist deflection and vibration during heavy machining. The series features an 8″ chuck, 21.6″ maximum swing diameter, up to 12.2″ maximum turning diameter and a maximum turning length up to 15.9″. For running large quantity production, the servo gantry loader provides automatic loading/unloading of parts without any interruption. The maximum part dimension is up to 6.7″  and 11 lbs. weight. The standard automatic 10-station part stacker allows for the storing of finished parts.

FBL-360B – Horizontal Turning Lathe With FANUC Robot

The FBL-360B heavy-duty horizontal turning lathe will team with a newly designed FANUC M-20iB/25 robot that
increases production and automation efficiency in various operations. This new FANUC robot features a slim arm design
eliminating the interference with the work part and machine. The six-axis robot can handle a part weight of up to 55 lbs. It’s the best machine in the market for mixed volume, short-run or dedicated high-volume applications. The FBL-360B lathe has a 45-degree slant bed that features a rigid box ways structure and programmable tailstock, engineered with ease of access and trouble-free maintenance in mind. This FBL series also comes with a 15″chuck, a maximum swing and
turning diameter of 22.4″ and a maximum turning length up to 80″. The lathe features an up-to-35HP AC digital spindle motor with two-speed gear box; the spindle bar is 4.5″ in diameter with speeds up to 2,500rpm.

NEW FNL-220LSY – Multi-Axis Turning And Milling CNC Lathe

The newly designed, multi-functional FNL-220LSY Series multi-axis lathe incorporates many innovative features.

Turning and milling with first and second operations are in one machine. Y-axis travel (±2.2″ from the centerline) for off-center milling is the largest range in its class. The series features high-torque live tooling, with full C-axis for the main and sub-spindle. The ability to turn and mill complex parts and perform multiple operations on one machine increases throughput and reduces handling. And the machine is superior to the competition with a competitive price.

The bar capacity is 2.0″ for main spindle, maximum cutting diameters is 12.6″ with a turning length of 20.1″. The swing over bed is 24.4″; chuck size is 8″ for main spindle  and 6″ for the sub-spindle. The travel distance on X, Z, Y and C1-C2-axes are 8.7″ by 22.0″ by 4.3″(±2.2) by 360-degrees with a rapid traverse rate of 1,181ipm. Sixty-degree, compound Y-axis, slant bed design with roller linear ways. Linear roller guide ways ensure the highest accuracy during high-speed machining. These guide ways provide 30% stronger rigidity than regular ball ways. German SAUTER, 12-station BMT-45 live turret with maximum 4,000 RPM live tooling speed with all stations live is standard for this series. An oversized clamping curved coupling enhances rigidity and accuracy of cutting tools during machining. Hydraulic clamping cylinder with a disk break to ensure the rigidity for heavy-duty milling and full C-axis in both spindles with a minimum interpolation of 0.001 degrees. FANUC 0i-TF control with FANUC drives and motors plus 10.4″ color LCD with a fully conversational Manual Guide i program and 3D simulation. Standard accessories include chip conveyor, parts catcher, oil skimmer, tool presetter, turning holder package, rotary holders package and more.

FSG-2440ADS – Fully Automatic, 3-axis Grinder

Chevalier is introducing the FSG-ADS Series, a high-precision, fully automatic, 3-axis grinder with a PLC controller. The cutting-edge device provides a grind cycle with rough grinding, fine grinding, spark-out passes and an automatic over-wheel dresser with compensation, which can be added to fully automate the grind process. After the cycle is finished, the table will “park” either left or right of the saddle and at the front to facilitate unloading and loading.

The series, which is well suited for mass production and easy to set-up, program and operate features user-friendly
conversational programming. The machine’s spindle can be set to “stop running” or “continue running.” The wheel head can also be set to return to the start position or to park at a reference point. Once the cycle is started, the wheel head moves rapidly to the start point and repeats the grind cycle. If material is required to be removed from both sides, “flip over” can be selected, leaving the wheel head position at the finish grind height, which then starts grinding immediately without touching off.

The fully automatic grind feature consists of rough- and fine-grinding cycles, switching from rough-grinding down-feed increments to fine-grinding down-feed increments at preset points during the cycle. The crossfeed also switches from a rough to fine cross-feed increment, resulting in a finer surface finish and finer accuracy.

FSG-1632ADIII – Fully Automatic, 3-axis Grinder

The new FSG-ADIII series is a highly advanced, automatic-precision, surface-grinding machine that offers improved accuracy, quality and ease of operation. This series includes a new touch-screen control station adjustable to a comfortable position for the operator.

“Switches, buttons, LEDs and indicating lamps are all combined in a touch display that is ergonomically positioned to provide the best user-friendly operation,” says Chevalier Vice President Johnson Lan.

The FSG-ADIII Series includes a new PLC controller that provides a grind cycle with rough grinding, fine grinding, spark-out passes and an automatic over-wheel dresser with compensation, which can be added to fully automate the grind process. After the cycle is finished, the table will “park” either left or right of the saddle and at the front to facilitate unloading and loading. The spindle can be set to “stop running” or “continue running.” The wheel head can also be set to return to the start position or to park at a reference point. Once the cycle is started, the wheel head will move rapidly to the start point and repeat the grind cycle. If material is required to be removed from both sides, “flip over” can be selected, leaving the wheel head position is at the finish grind height, which will start grinding. immediately without touching off.

SMART-B818III / SMART-B1224III / SMART-B1640III – Surface And High-Profile CNC Grinders

The SMART-III Series surface and high profile CNC grinders have received client praise for its high-precision grinding  and ease of operation. The SMART-III is capable of producing “mirror” surface finishes on highly accurately ground workpieces with microfinishes of 5 RMS. The positioning accuracy is (±) 0.0025 micron; grinding accuracy is 1 micron. The SMART’s movements are programmable in increments of 0.001mm and include a table size of up to 24″ x 80″. The maximum distance from table to spindle centerline on the SMART-B818III is 16″; the wheel spindle is rated at 500-7000RPM and 4HP (3kw). The SMART-B1224III and SMART-B1640III are both 24″ and wheel spindles are rated at 500~3,000RPM and 15HP (11kW). The SMART’s standard grinding wheel size is up to 16″ x 3″ x 5″. The SMART’s PC-based control, combined with a user-friendly conversational TaskLink function, makes it easy to learn and operate. Also constant contact dressing programs are provided to increase the dressing efficiency.

 For more information on turning and milling machines, please contact Herbert Hou of Chevalier Machinery at (562) 903-1929, extension 128.
For information on grinding machines, please contact Johnson Lan of Chevalier
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