New Pipe Alignment with Quick-Acting Jaws

New Pipe Alignment Clamp has Quick-Acting Jaws for Fast Setup!

Strong Hand Tools®, manufacturer of Strong Hand Tools® Welding Clamps, proudly introduces the New Pipe Alignment Clamp with Quick-Acting Jaws. This fast, accurate fit up clamp has a rugged frame for use in the shop, or at the job site.

pipe alignment

Quickly set the jaws for each project with the UNIQUE Quick-Acting Jaws. Get a well-balanced hold on the Pipe Alignment Clamp by grasping the wide handle, while pressing the Quick Acting Button. The T-handle screw smoothly glides up and down, for fast jaw opening and clamp removal after welding. The ease of handling makes this clamp ideal for insertion and extraction at any point over long pipes. Stainless Steel contact points allow for clamping of Stainless Steel parts. Choose from two clamp sizes; small [6” cap.], or large [12” cap.]. Align pipe for joining, or pipe to flange, pipe to fitting, pipe to tee.

About Strong Hand Tools
We’re on a mission to make “Better Tools at Better Prices.” For over 30 years we have communicated with welders and craftsmen to develop innovative, quick-acting clamping tools that allow you to create a “proper” setup as the foundation for safe, and efficient work in welding, assembly, and repair applications. We’ve re-engineered traditional tools such as: Sliding Arm Clamps, Welding Magnetic Squares, Pliers, and Vises for improved performance in clamping and fixturing.

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