New Economy Pipe Pliers for Butt-Welding!

New Strong Grip® Large Capacity Economy Pipe Pliers – The Easy Way to Set-Up Pipes and Tubes for Butt-Welding!

Strong Hand Tools®, manufacturer of innovative Strong Hand Tools® All Purpose Clamps, Magnets, and Pliers proudly announces the debut of the NEW Strong Grip® Economy Pipe Pliers. The unique Strong Grip Economy Pipe Pliers are the convenient way to hold round pipes or square tubes for butt-welding.


The Economy Pipe Pliers allow the accurate lining-up and setting-up of materials for a proper fit-up to avoid gaps, and leave your hands free for handling and tack welding. With a generous 3” capacity, these Pliers will prove useful in a wide range of jobs. The large [1.5” / 38 mm dia.] swivel pad on the top jaw makes positive contact with your workpiece. An adjustable V-Pad on the bottom jaw holds round, square, flat or angled stock securely in position for an accurate setup.

Grip marks on the top and bottom Plier handles provide positive gripping power. The secure adjustment bar minimizes those aggravating, time-wasting bar pop-outs. Designed and built for comfort, convenience, and fast operation, the Strong Grip® Economy Pipe Pliers have an easy-reach, smooth release trigger that quickly unlocks the Pliers with one hand, and won’t pinch fingers.

Strong Hand Tools® is a designer / manufacturer of all purpose Clamping Tools for the industrial and DIY markets. Strong Hand Tools® are available worldwide, and are sold through a network of over 900 Distributors.

About Strong Hand Tools
We’re on a mission to make “Better Tools at Better Prices.” For over 30 years we have communicated with welders and craftsmen to develop innovative, quick-acting clamping tools that allow you to create a “proper” setup as the foundation for safe, and efficient work in welding, assembly, and repair applications. We’ve re-engineered traditional tools such as: Sliding Arm Clamps, Welding Magnetic Squares, Pliers, and Vises for improved performance in clamping and fixturing.

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