Metal-Backed Rectangular and Square Bumpers for Added Strength and Durability.

Fairlane Products, a premier North American supplier of workholding technologies and machine tool components, has available a wide range of metal-backed rectangular and square bumpers, all designed to help protect delicate or fragile workpieces. The metal backing, whether aluminum or steel provides added strength and robustness to the bumper.

Used for stops, guides and protection of workpieces, these metal backed bumpers, molded from urethane or neoprene, are bonded to 1/8″ aluminum plate or steel plate. Urethane offers excellent abrasion resistance, strength and load bearing along, with elongation hardness and resistance to ozone and oxygen, while neoprene offers good resistance against weather, gasoline, ozone and temperature.

These bumpers are available in “off-the-shelf” sizes, as well as special cut to custom requirements. The square and rectangular bumpers are available in black neoprene and colored urethane in 35, 60 and 80-durometer with sizes of ¾” square to rectangular sizes of 1″ x 4″. Heights range from 3/4″ to 1 3/4″ Custom cut or special bumpers are available in both black neoprene and urethane, 80-durometer, with thickness from 3/8 to 2″.

The neoprene and urethane bumpers can come with counter-bored holes, as well as tapped holes for applications-specific mounting. Bumpers are most often used in material handling, assembly and manufacturing operations to guide, stop and support parts as they are moved and/or transferred. Fairlane Products maintains a large inventory of products and they are an economical alternative in many applications to eliminate the need for custom engineered molded components.

In addition to rectangular and square steel-backed bumpers, Fairlane Products also has available a full line of round bumpers. The company also designs and manufactures a wide range of workholding and positioning components, rollers, replaceable grippers, rest pads, and Swivots® — modular component for holding and positioning of irregular contour surfaces, covered bearings, quick releases ball lock pins, workholding grippers, TG GripSerts and GP-series gripper pads.

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