Mastercam 2017 Tradeshow Debut IMTS

Mastercam 2017 Tradeshow Debut at IMTS

This year’s IMTS will feature the latest in the line of powerful Mastercam machining software. Stop by booth # E-3340 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, September 12-17 for a look at Mastercam 2017, the latest release, which introduces a more efficient workflow, improved usability, Dynamic Motion improvements, and so much more.


Meghan West, President of CNC Software, will be presenting Acquaint, Convince, and Excite: ACE the Next Generation of Manufacturing on Thursday, September 15th from 3:15 – 4:10 PM in Room W194-A. Learn about the increasing “skill gap” in manufacturing and ways to can get students excited about a career in manufacturing. Come talk with us about aerospace manufacturing at the TRAM Aerospace Conference in Room W375-B. And lastly, be sure to visit our Educational booth at the Smart Source Student Summit.

Designed for Faster Workflow
Mastercam 2017 features a new ribbon interface and makes it easier to find the functions you need to complete your tasks. “Many of our more powerful tools were underused because customers did not know where to find them,” says CNC Software President, Meghan West. “We spent a lot of time with users determining the best way to simplify this, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.” The ribbon tabs group similar functions and displays them in order from simple to more complex. Each tab relates to a type of activity, from creating wireframe geometry to generating toolpaths. Editing functions are on the same tab as creation functions so you have all the tools you need, when you need them.

Dynamic Motion Technology
Mastercam 2017’s Dynamic Motion technology can slash machine time by as much as 75%. And, Dynamic Motion will help you get the most out of any machine in your shop—new or old. Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology extends tool life, reduces cycle time, saves wear and tear on machines, and cuts hard materials more easily. New to 2017, micro lifts now use a line-of-sight approach to move the tool where it needs to go through unobstructed areas. This results in reposition moves during micro lifting that are more efficient, less complex, and travel a shorter distance.

Complex Machining Made Easy
Mastercam 2017 introduces Maximum Stock Engagement for select 3D HST Finishing toolpaths, allowing you to select a previously made stock model and set the maximum depth so that you can limit how deeply the cutter engages uncut material. HST Raster allows you to limit raster passes relative to a cutoff distance, and then fills in the limited area with perpendicular raster motion to create a clean result. Mastercam 2017 Mill-Turn now supports multiple sessions, multiple Machine Groups, and multi-station tool locators for turrets as well as half index positions.

Mastercam 2017 has many powerful toolpath enhancements:

  • Preview select 2D High Speed toolpaths in the graphics window before closing and generating or regenerating the toolpath.
  • The Level and Plane Managers are now a dockable, floatable function panel and has been redesigned for more intuitive controls and easier workflow.
  • Tool Setup Manager in Mill-Turn has been redesigned to improve workflow and ease of use.
  • New features have been added to Multiaxis Drill, such as using a line length for the drill depth and recognition of the stock model for depth and top of stock purposes.
  • Multiaxis now includes a new 4-axis toolpath – Rotary Advanced – which allows more control over the tool motion through the selection of walls, hubs, and shroud surfaces.

Developed by CNC Software, Inc., Mastercam is the world’s most widely used NC software package in the world, with more than 211,000 installations in 75 countries. CNC Software provides software solutions to customers in industries such as moldmaking, prototyping, automotive, medical, aerospace, consumer products, and much more. CNC Software is a privately-owned corporation with over 30 years’ experience providing software for milling, turning, wire EDM, Design, surface and solid modeling, and Swiss machining.

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