Machining Valve Seat Pocket Tooling from Sandvik

 Dedicated Tooling Available for Oil and Gas Valve Seat Pocket Machining

Sandvik Coromant
is now offering tooling dedicated to the challenging operation of machining valve seat pockets in oil and gas applications. Composed of a combination of an elliptical Silent Tools™ adapter and CoroTurn® SL cutting head, this solution is designed to overcome prevalent issues such as narrow flow bore diameters, vibration tendencies and long overhangs.

sandvik_featThe challenges of machining valve seat pockets in the oil and gas industry encouraged Sandvik Coromant to create a tool with extended radial reach that offers high levels of security, repeatability and performance in this demanding back-turning operation. With elliptical Silent Tools adapters designed to reach deep seats and CoroTurn SL cutting heads featuring a lightweight structure, a stable tooling configuration minimizes vibration and offers extended reach in both roughing and finishing operations.

“The thicker back-end base and elliptical shape of the adapter is purposefully designed to gain access to the seat pocket through the narrow flow bore diameter,” says Åke Axner, Global Product Manager for Machine Integration. “In addition, the use of CoroTurn SL cutting heads gives users the potential to reach maximum cutting depth, while Coromant Capto tool holders are recommended for stability and precision.”

A recent back-turning trial in cladded Inconel 625 highlights how the solution can eliminate vibration and promote surface quality. Using an elliptical Silent Tools adapter, 25 mm CoroTurn SL cutting head, and Coromant Capto C6 tool holder for one roughing and two finishing cuts, the final pass witnessed a surface finish of 0.2 Ra (9 cla) achieved at a cutting speed of 27 m/min (90 ft/min), feed rate of 0.02 mm/rev (0.008 in/rev), and 0.1 mm (0.004 in) depth of cut.

The elliptical adapters are part of the Silent Tools standard assortment and are available within a 24 hour delivery time, if required.

About Sandvik Coromant
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