Loc Performance Showcases Trackman Brand at John Deere Expo 2022

Loc Performance, a leading provider of track systems for military, industrial and agricultural applications, today announced its participation in the John Deere dealer Parts Expo at the George R Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX, December 12-17, 2022. Loc will be featuring their leading Trackman brand.

Both Deere and Trackman are well respected leaders in their respective fields, providing end users with high quality, innovative and value-based products.

Loc Performance acquired the Trackman brand in 2021, making additional investments in equipment and process improvements to accelerate the brand’s leadership. Trackman by Loc is excited to grow its relationship with John Deere and provide Deere owners with high-performance products for the John Deere 8RT tractors through the Deere Dealer network.

Trackman’s innovations have been especially critical to the agricultural market. Trackman pioneered the first fully molded design and the first positive drive rubber track for agricultural applications. Other notable market innovations include their patented ARMORLUG reinforcement technology (and further improved ARMORLUG Ultra), the use of galvanized corrosion-resistant cables and the MaxxTuff™ track reinforcement, offering 50% more wires than the industry standard. These product features synchronize to provide a smoother ride, longer track life, and lower operating cost for the end user.

Trackman currently offers the industry’s widest rubber track for today’s largest capacity grain carts, ensuring the lowest compaction via reduced PSI in the field. As the agricultural market advances with even more challenges of feeding a growing world population with fewer growing acres, Trackman continues leading the way for improved productivity and sustainability.

Loc Performance manufacturers all Trackman products at its production facility in St. Marys, Ohio. This is the same facility where tracks for the defense products for the U.S. Army Fleet have been produced since 1940. Loc Performance is the only qualified supplier for every major ground combat vehicle platform in the U.S. Army.

About Loc Performance

Loc Performance, headquartered in Plymouth, MI, provides track systems, mechanical systems, armor products, fabricated structures, and rubberized products for military, agricultural and construction applications. With proven capabilities in product design and development through production, Loc offers comprehensive solutions and exceptional customer service to produce the highest quality products at competitive pricing. Loc has over 1,750,000 square feet of manufacturing space with facilities in Plymouth, Lansing, and Lapeer, Michigan, and St. Marys, Ohio with more than 980 total employees.

Learn more at www.locperformance.com.