LMT Tools MultiEdge Double4Feed High Feed Milling

High Feed Milling- LMT Tools High Feed Face Mill

Significant increases in productivity and drastic cost savings with high feed mills now reach a new level – with the new LMT Tools MultiEdge Double4Feed High Feed Milling product line. With 8 useable cutting edges per indexable insert, the MultiEdge Double4Feed sets new standards regarding efficiency.


The MultiEdge Double4Feed is an optimal tool for face milling and is available with diameters from 2” to 4”. High feeds are realized from chip thinning, a result of the smaller lead angle. Vibrations are minimized too from reduced side load, due to cutting forces being directed axially into spindle.

Your success: shorter machining times, reduced production costs. We will be happy to advise you with regard to your applications.

Features Include:
◼ 8 cutting edges per insert
◼ High-performance, high feed geometry for face milling operations
◼ Stable insert geometry for machining steel and cast materials
◼ Stable cutting due to advanced edge prep design
◼ Increased performance due to innovative insert grade types as LCP40M, LCP44M,      LCKP10M and LCK10M
◼ New TERAspeed coating (LCP44M) especially for wet machining of steel materials
◼ Metric medium and fine pitch bodies available on request. Advantages
◼ Reduced tool costs from 8 cutting edges
◼ Maximum metal removal rate during face milling
◼ Reduced machining times
◼ Economic production due to increase in productivity
◼ Reduced tendency for vibration
◼ Pocket design assists in chip removal
◼ Increased tool life compared to conventional face milling operations

LMT USA Inc. (Waukegan, Illinois) reaches a landmark 25 Years of Service to the North American Metalworking Industry. First known as Saarberg Intertool in 1982, the company originally focused on hobs, end mills, crankshaft milling tools, and thread rolling tools. Saarberg Intertool came to be known as LMT Fette in 1998 and product lines were expanded to include indexable carbide milling cutters.

For more information, please visit www.lmtusa.com.