Mencom offers private labeling for Panel Interface Connectors also known as programming ports or program ports. For high volume OEM customers, Mencom, the brand leader in Panel Interface Connectors, can customize the label with clients’ company information and place onto the front of their Panel Interface Connectors, prominently advertising their own unique brand identity. High resolution and variable dot printing technology will ensure to deliver impressive and high quality results.


Mencom - Panel Interface Connector Private Labeling

The major benefits of private labeling are the following:

Brand loyalty
Private branding allows the OEM to present their own unique image, which creates a marketing identity and promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty

End users will not find the custom brand product somewhere else on the internet

Custom tailored
The labels can be tailored to meet clients’ specifications, including product name, description, company’s logo and contact information

Residual Business
The part is labeled with client’s part number and company info, so when the end user needs a replacement, or wants additional parts, they will be contacting the OEM and not the manufacturer


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