KMT Waterjet Systems Presents PRO-III Pump IMTS

Product Announcement: KMT Streamline® PRO-III 90,000psi Pump

KMT Waterjet Systems Inc.
, a leading global manufacturer of ultra-high pressure pumps and components for waterjet systems, introduces the new generation of Waterjet Technology with the launch of the World’s Fastest Waterjet pump, the KMT Streamline® PRO-III 90,000psi Series Pumps. The KMT Streamline PRO-III 125hp and 60hp waterjet pumps are available for delivery with operating pressure of 90,000psi.


KMT PRO-III topworks improvements include the new patented metal-to-metal seal design and the new patented SUPRAlife metal canister designed for protecting UHP seals. The KMT pumps will offer guaranteed SUPRAlife seal life hours. The new generation patented designed improves uptime performance and increases productivity with predictable maintenance schedules.

The PRO-III 125hp 90,000psi pump with the largest 90,000psi cutting orifice in the waterjet cutting industry, the .016 orifice, delivers the water jet operator a reduction in operating time by cutting products in half the time of conventional 60,000psi 50hp waterjet systems.  The pump is the alternative solution for professional waterjet cutters requiring exacting performance at twice the cutting power and exceptional value.  It is designed for maximum productivity, profitability at the lowest cost per part and reduce abrasive cost.

The KMT Streamline PRO-III 60hp is also available in 90,000psi and offers faster cutting performance as well as significant savings in abrasive consumption usage while increasing throughput capacity compared to 60,000psi waterjet pumps.

The pump accommodates a wide range of applications including 5-axis three dimensional cutting capabilities.

The 125hp pump is also available with dual cutting heads using .0011 orifices, doubling the productivity of the 60hp pump.

From small, single cutting head requirements to high volume production requiring multiple cutting head systems, and from intricate detailed cutting with tight tolerances, cutting thick metals including steel, titanium and aluminum, the KMT Streamline PRO-III is the world’s fastest waterjet cutting solution.

The PRO-III 60hp pump will be on display with three live cutting demonstrations at IMTS in Chicago, IL, September 12-17th. In addition to live cutting in the KMT Waterjet booth, Booth N-6263, there will be two KMT OEMs also with live waterjet cutting demonstrations featuring the PRO-III 60hp pump at IMTS.

About KMT Waterjet Systems
KMT Waterjet Systems is celebrating 45 years as pioneers in the waterjet industry. KMT offers leading global manufacturer of water jet cutting systems, ultra-high pressure pumps and components for water jet systems. KMT’s product offerings include: UHP Pumps, waterjet cutting nozzles, focusing tubes, pneumatic cutting valves, intensifier and high pressure parts, abrasive transfer systems, replaceable aftermarket water jet spares for all of KMT parts and components with Waterjet Spare Parts, high pressure valves, fittings and tubing products, diamond orifices, sapphire orifices, ruby orifices, and robotic applications.

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