Kitamura’s Mycenter-HX400G Horizontal Machining


World’s Fastest Horizontal Machining Technology

Kitamura Machinery, the premier manufacturer of precision horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers build’s on its best-selling G-Series Machining Centers with the Mycenter-HX400G Horizontal Machining Center, the perfect companion for all of your medium to large size parts that require higher levels of accuracy and productivity.


Manufactured in Japan with hand scraping production techniques and Kitamura stand-out features lending way to accuracies of ±0.000079” full stroke, ±0.000039” repeatability.
Mycenter-HX400G Features World’s fastest rapids of 60m/min (2,362ipm) on Solid Box Guideways are achieved as a result of over 50-years of box way experience and advanced manufacturing know-how. Made-in-Japan craftsmanship is apparent throughout with hand scraping techniques and only the highest grade Meehanite cast construction.

A standard 2-station APC is field expandable and is coupled with full 360 degree 4th axis
capability enhanced by direct drive motor technology with 125min-1 (45,000deg/min) rapid feed and 15HP/2,640 Nm (1,947 ft-lb) rotation torque. Increased clamping power offers higher levels of stability, rigidity and accuracy with no backlash.

The Mycenter-HX400G utilizes a high speed 15,000rpm spindle with dual contact spindle to
easily handle high velocity machining on a wide range of materials. Kitamura’s Intelligent
Advanced Control System coupled with spindle oil-cooling unit promote efficiency and reduce heat displacement while allowing for maximum cutting gains in precision cutting operations. An optional 20,000rpm spindle offers fastest acceleration rates in its class.

A super high-speed (1.3 second T-T) 50 tool “fixed pot” automatic tool changer is standard with upgrade capabilities of up to 300 tools in the field. The advanced high speed processing of the Arumatik-Mi controller allows for smoother and faster machining of the most complex work pieces with the potential to add 5th axis simultaneous machining capabilities on both pallets as an option. Icon CNC operation is completely customizable and offers the user unique visual work setting screens to maximize operator potential and performance.

Recently awarded the 43rd prize for the Machine Industry Design, the Mycenter-HX400G is
evidence of Kitamura’s continual pursuit of excellence in industrial development and a statement of dedication in design and manufacture within the machine tool industry.

About Kitamura Machinery
Founded in 1933, Kitamura Machinery is dedicated to building the most technically advanced vertical, 5-axis and horizontal machining centers in the world. Kitamura machining centers are known and respected for their no-compromises precision and extended floor life even under the most demanding conditions.

With its U.S. Corporate Headquarters located in Wheeling, Illinois, Kitamura provides its products to a diverse customer base worldwide.

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