Keyless Hub-to-Shaft Connection System

The Concentric Maxi Torque connection system, with its mechanical shrink fit, offers tight runout control, precise component positioning and eliminates the need for secondary machinery.  CMT’s patented bushing system will solve your most demanding hi-tech synchronous drive challenges and more.


  • CMT is a revolutionary keyless tapered bushing & shaft-to-hub connection system.  
  • Developed initially for the synchronous drives market.
  • Designed and patented by Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc.
  • Patent No. 6,568,063


CMT is a unique bushing attachment system: a single set screw locks the low-taper-angle split bushing in place and eliminates all of the existing attachment issues.

  • Bushing system is engineered to assure full surface contact and even clamping pressure with a single set screw.
  • Set screw size optimized to provide holding torque in line with shaft diameters and component torques.
  • Developed using mathematical and FEA modeling.
  • Scalable to any shaft/bore size requirement.
  • Lower inertia and better shaft-to-component balance.
  • System design assures near perfect hub-to-shaft concentricity when assembled.


Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc. has developed its CMT bushing system, through scalable technology, to meet a wide variety of popular, as well as custom, hub-to-shaft combinations.

  • Imperial & metric bore size coverage from .125” to 1.1875” and 3mm to 30mm
  • Torque capacities from 14 in-lbs (1.5Nm) to 2,795 in-lbs (315 Nm)
  • Multiple bore size offerings per bushing size allowing for maximum mix & match flexibility with minimum components
  • Withstands repeated assembly and disassembly with no shaft damage and without a reduction in torque capacity
  • Flexible positioning accuracy provides easy phase adjustment


Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc., an innovative designer and market leader, can apply the CMT bushing system in solving your most demanding hi-tech synchronous drive and rotating component problems.

  • High speed indexing and reversing in systems using timing belt pulleys and gears
  • Systems requiring a high level of component rotational positioning accuracy and precise run-out control
  • Designs where reduced inertia and low vibration are desired
  • Components required to be assembled and disassembled multiple times during their life
  • Rotating mechanisms requiring compact space
  • Devices requiring high reliability with minimal maintenance


A Technically Superior Solution

  • Quicker assembly than other systems
  • Higher holding reliability – lower maintenance
  • Improved shaft-to-hub concentricity – less run-out
  • Multiple bore sizes available per bushing size
  • Reduced inertia for increased power savings
  • Compact design fits in tighter spaces
  • Cost competitive with all other attachment systems

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