Indeck Receives Praise for O-Type Watertube Boiler

Indeck Receives Praise for O-Type Watertube Boiler

Last month, Indeck Keystone Energy delivered a 120,000 PPH 650 PSIG, 750° F, Keystone O-Type Watertube package boiler to American Refining Group in Bradford, PA.  American Refining Group is one of the oldest refineries in production in the United States, founded in 1881.  The boiler was delivered to the site via railcar, then transferred to a Goldhofer transporter to move the boiler adjacent to the foundation.  A crane then lifted the boiler over a pipe rack and set it on the foundations.

O-Type watertube

The crane operator was impressed at how easy it was to lift the O-Type boiler.   The boiler was easily placed on the foundation due to its symmetrical design and weight distribution.
Indeck-Keystone Energy completed the construction of the boiler on schedule and kept us informed throughout the process.  ARG is looking forward to operating this new piece of equipment in the refinery.”
– Mike Cuddy, Project Manager – American Refining Group

Features and Benefits of Indeck’s O-Type Boiler

  • Balanced, symmetrical circulation provides fast ramp rates and capacity response.
  • The O-Type design’s symmetrical configuration removes heat from furnace quickly to extend boiler life.
  • Fully welded membrane wall design.
  • Top flue gas outlet with economizer and stack on top of boiler reduces the overall footprint of the system.

Indeck is the most diverse boiler manufacturer in the world, with capabilities to deliver anywhere in the world. The Indeck Group is a consortium of companies with a history of providing engineered power solutions that date back to the 19th century.  Indeck designs, manufactures and markets packaged boilers “A”, “O”, “D” Type, Modular “D” type packaged and field-erected boilers, International Lamont line of High Temperature Hot Water Generators, specialty boilers and auxiliary equipment. The Indeck Group has over 5,000 successful boiler installations in 50 countries.

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