Increase quality and filter out costs from KSS with energy-efficient ultra-fine filtration

VOMAT coolant filtration systems conserve resources and reduce production costs

Saving energy, conserving resources and reducing operating costs is a major challenge for tool grinders and thus also a task for their machine and component suppliers. One example is the ultra-fine filtration of coolant. Against the background of quality and productivity increases and at the same time sustainable production, intelligent and efficient plant solutions are in demand. At the GrindTec in Leipzig, the filter manufacturer VOMAT from Treuen will show machine solutions in Hall5, Booth B02, which very well meet the high demands of the industry for cost efficiency with simultaneous sustainability aspects.


Ultrafine filtration of coolant represents an indispensable component and value-adding factor in the overall tool grinding system. Steffen Strobel, Sales Manager at VOMAT: “The operating costs of cooling lubricants in tool grinding often exceed the expenses for the grinding tools. Tool manufacturers who address this issue can save money – with innovative, high-performance ultra-fine filtration technology that is optimally adapted to the respective capacities and requirements. And those who rely on the right cooling lubricant filtration in addition to state-of-the-art grinding technology can produce more sustainably.”

To ensure a high level of production and quality – but also to exploit rationalization and sustainability potential – VOMAT provides high-performance filtration systems from the FA series or the vacuum belt filter (UBF), which combine special technical advantages despite a compact design with a small footprint.

DCF 1.0

For example, VOMAT manufactures FA filter solutions – from single units to large-scale industrial central plants – which separate 100 percent dirty and clean oil in full flow by means of long-life high-performance precoat filters. The purity is in quality class NAS 7 (3 – 5 µm). State-of-the-art filter, cooling and disposal technology – including HSS pre-filters for mixed processing if required – ensure economic and ecological success in harmony.

Steffen Strobel: “Cleaning in a full-flow process, backflushing as required, highly accurate, constant temperature control, tailor-made recycling concepts, etc.: Our filtration technology ensures that the coolant media can remain clean in the system for longer. The cleaner and finer the filtration, the better the production quality. This makes the grinding process more economical. Furthermore, MWFs that don’t have to be changed as often not only help reduce non-productive time, but also lower costs in acquisition, storage, recycling and energy consumption.”