A selection of machines entirely designed and manufactured by the Brescia-based company, a key player in the international hydraulic hoses manufacturing industry, to feature in the extensive catalogue of products distributed by Würth Norway.

The partnership between the Norwegian branch of Würth Group, a global leader in the distribution of fastening and assembly products, and O+P for the supply of fitting equipment in a special hydraulic program implemented by the Scandinavian branch, is bound to continue. A selection of machines entirely designed and manufactured by O+P, with a special customized design to reproduce the logo and distinctive color of the Group, is set to feature in the rich catalogue of products distributed by Würth Norway.


Also this year, the catalogue features O+P presses for crimping hydraulic flexible hoses (H135 ES and H135 EL, H88 ES and H88 EL). In addition, specific cutting equipment (TF3D and TF2D) – high technology products particularly renowned by the Norwegian customers of the Group for their high performance – also feature in the catalogue.

Partnership with Würth Norway is part and parcel of O+P’s internationalization strategic project, aimed at fortifying its position even across the Italian borders and confirming its place as reliable point of reference in the industry.

About O+P
People, Passion and Solutions are the key features of O+P. For more than thirty years it has been producing equipment for hydraulic pipelines, offering customized solutions according to the specific applications of its customers. Wideness of range, development and innovation are what makes O+P a unique, young and dynamic brand. These attributes make it one of the most important players in the hydraulic industry worldwide. The continuous growth is the result of a policy based on the centrality, commitment and innovation of all those who work within the company. Thus, enabling OP to compete successfully in the domestic and international territories.

O+P belongs to the “It’s Fluidmec World”, a network of eight multi-professional companies operating in perfect synergy. All cooperating with the aim of meeting the needs related to hydraulics, pneumatics and industrial automation through a wide branch network and offices in Italy as well as abroad.

For more information, visit www.op-srl.it/.

About Würth Group
The Würth Group is world market leader in its core business, the trade in assembly and fastening material. It currently consists of over 400 companies in more than 80 countries and has 70,000 employees on its payroll. More than 31,000 of these are permanently employed sales representatives. In the first half of business year 2016, the Würth Group generated total sales of EUR 5.9 billion.

In the core business, the Würth Line, the product range for craft and industry comprises over 125,000 products: From screws, screw accessories and anchors to tools, chemical-technical products and personal protection equipment. The Allied Companies of the Würth Group, which either operate in business areas adjacent to the core business or in diversified business areas, round off the range by offering products for DIY stores, material for electrical installations, electronic components (e.g. circuit boards) as well as financial services.

For more information, visit www.wuerth.com/.