Harness The Power of Zero with Jergens ZPS

Locate and Clamp Vises and Fixtures Quickly and Accurately with Jergens ZPS

The Jergens ZPS features revolutionary technology allowing you to fix, position and clamp zps, jergensin a single step, cutting set up times by up to 90%, ensuring accuracy, speed and repeatability within <0.005mm (0.0002”).

Available with either pneumatic or hydraulic release, these positive locking locating modules allow operators to quickly change out large and small fixtures with extreme accuracy and minimal effort.

With Jergens ZPS you can:

  • Position & Clamp in One Operation
  • Flexible Design Options
  • Solutions for Small and Large Parts
  • Available in Pneumatic & Hydraulic Modules
  • Reduce Set Up Time up to 90% or More

Download the Zero Point System literature here.

About Jergens

In 1942, Jack Schron, Sr. founded Glenn Tool and Manufacturing, with his father Christy. In response to the needs of wartime production, they began to manufacture standard components in the building next door, with the goal of helping American Manufacturers operate quickly and more efficiently. Jergens manufactures over 80% of what they sell right here in their 130,000 sq. ft. Cleveland, OH facility, guaranteeing high quality, competitive pricing and immediate availability (or fast turnaround times on special items). They are a big user of their own products and can set up lean cells to accommodate lot sizes from 1 to 10,000, thanks to their own tooling components and engineered products like the Ball Lock® Mounting System. For more information, visit www.jergensinc.com