TrueView from Global Shop Solutions Modernizes Shop Floors with Only a Large-screen TV & Web Browser

Global Shop Solutions Modernizes Job Dispatching With New TrueView

Most manufacturers don’t want their production workers watching TV on the job. That is changing with the introduction of Global Shop Solutions’ new shop floor data display platform, TrueView. Designed to display job dispatch data on large TV monitors mounted on shop floor walls, this new product of Global Shop Solutions ERP software promises to modernize the job dispatch process and help manufacturers improve production times.

A global leader in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software industry, Global Shop Solutions has a long history of developing innovative ERP products that help manufacturers cut costs and manage their businesses more effectively. The new TrueView data display platform is part of the company’s product strategy geared toward modernizing the manufacturing shop floor.

“Traditionally, manufacturers post paper dispatch reports on bulletin boards to tell machinists what they should be working on and which jobs are lined up in the queue,” says Dusty Alexander, president of Global Shop Solutions. “With our new TrueView data display product, workers can view the data on a TV monitor without leaving their workcenters to track down the information. It saves time, cuts down on paper, and the data is current.”

Modernizing your shop floor doesn’t require any new hardware or software – only a large-screen TV and a web browser. Other advantages include:

  • Refreshes the data every 10 minutes, giving shop floor personnel the most current information available.
  • Users can personalize the experience by selecting between different messaging and color-coding options.
  • Cost-effective. Requires no license or user fees. This product is available to all customers as part of Global Shop Solutions ERP core offering.

“The TrueView shop floor display platform will replace many of the reports our customers currently use to disseminate job dispatch information,” says Silas Fulsom, Global Shop Solutions program analyst. “It can accept requests, pull the same data as the reports, and stream the data in real time – all of which will improve the customer’s production experience.”

“We developed the TrueView shop floor display platform as a custom project for a specific customer,” adds Mike Melzer, Vice President and Chief Customer Officer of Global Shop Solutions. “When a custom project has broad application across the manufacturing spectrum, we often make it available to all our customers at no extra cost. Our goal with the next version is to make it customizable, so customers can modify the layout to suit their operating environment.”


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