Four new Hercules CNC Band Saws from DoALL

DoALL® Sawing Products Will Introduce Four NEW High Performance Metal-Cutting Band Saw Product Lines, included the Hercules CNC, in September at IMTS 2016

Continuing to serve its customers with innovative, high quality products, DoALL is broadly expanding its product line with the addition of nineteen new band saws. These new high-performance saws will provide versatile, efficient, economical and accurate sawing solutions for steel service centers, tool making, high-end metalworking, machine shops and fabrication shops around the globe.

DoAll, Hercules CNC DoALL will have six machines available for demonstrations in the North Hall, Booth N-7074 from September 12th through the 17th at IMTS 2016.

  1. DoALL Hercules™ Dual Column Enclosed CNC Band Saws

DoALL Sawing Products is offering four new automatic dual column, enclosed Hercules CNC industrial metal-cutting band saws in its standard product line, the DC-300CNC, DC-400CNC, DC-510CNC and DC-750CNC.

These enclosed or “box” band saws from DoALL are primarily designed for vertical cuts and are ideal for cutting solids, tubes and profile material up to 28ʺ (700mm) in diameter. Due to the robust construction it is possible to cut a wide range of full and profile materials including stainless and tool steel. Dual column machines are ideal for just a single cut or serial production cutting.

Versatile DoALL saws provide safe, intricate and precise cuts and full automation for high production environments like metal service centers. The DoALL Hercules high production, horizontal CNC machines are highly efficient, automatic, hydraulically controlled machines with multiple material feeds Operators can now program each cut to optimize blade life through servo-controlled feed rates and blade torque monitoring.  In addition, touch screen controls and the “box” or enclosed design provide for very safe, user-friendly operation. Learn more or request a quote here.

  1. DoALL StructurALL® Dual Column, Dual Swivel Horizontal Band Saws

DoALL is offering four new dual column, dual swivel StructurALL® industrial metal-cutting band saws in its standard product line, the DCDS-600SA, DCDS-600NC, DCDS-750SA and DCDS-750NC.

The dual column, dual swivel structural band saws provide fast and economical perpendicular- or miter-cutting of steel to customer specified lengths. All models cut large capacities and can easily handle large steel profiles (I-beams, H-beams, angles, tubes or channels) up to 20ʺ (500mm) in diameter. Saws are available in semi-automatic or automatic with numeric control and bundling.

Also classified as twin or dual post, dual miter horizontal saws, these models have the ability to miter cut in both directions up to 60° left and right. This reduces material handling time and cost per cut for improved profitability.  Learn more or request a quote at:

  1. DoALL Olympia™ Heavy-Duty Tube and Pipe Band Saws

DoALL is offering six new dual column, specialty tube and pipe industrial metal-cutting band saws in its standard product line, the TDC-600, TDC-1000 and  TDC-1400 semi-automatic machines, and the TDC-400CNC, TDC-600CNC and TDC-1000CNC automatic CNC machines.

Specialty tube band saws from DoALL are primarily designed for vertical cuts and are ideal for cutting profiles for all types of tube and pipe up to 55ʺ (1400mm) in diameter. Tube and pipe saws feature robust construction which enables the ability to cut a wide range of materials including, but not limited to tool steel, stainless steel, copper, cast iron and carbon steel. The DoALL Olympia™ family can also be classified as horizontal power specialty tube cut-off saws. Learn more or request a quote at:

  1. DoALL StructurALL Dual Swivel Band Saws

DoALL is offering five new StructurALL dual swivel metal-cutting band saws to its standard product line, the DC-280M manual, DS-280SA and DS-500SA semi-automatic and the DS-280CNC and DS400CNC dual-swivel automatic CNC machines. This family of band saws is designed for cutting structural profiles.

These value-priced, general purpose production saws offer cutting capacities up to 15ʺ (380mm) in diameter and are ideal for small shops and maintenance facilities that have an occasional need to cut metal material. Learn more or request a quote at:

The new metal-cutting band saws being introduced at IMTS meet the stringent tradition of high quality that DoALL customers expect. For specific sawing requirements, a wide variety of optional accessories are available to customize all of the new DoALL saws.