Fiber Laser Cutting System Now Available from Hypertherm

Hypertherm announces the release of a new fiber laser cutting system that includes all components in one complete package.

Unlike products from many other fiber laser manufactures, Hypertherm’s HyIntensity™ Fiber Laser HFL015 system includes the power source, cutting head, gas supply, operator interface consoles, motion controls, and software. Hypertherm believes this solutions based approach will make it much easier for partners and their customers to use laser cutting for their fine feature cutting requirements.

The system operates on familiar Hypertherm control platforms, with pre-developed cutting processes, for significantly simplified table integration and operation as well as higher levels of efficiency, when compared to other laser cutting solutions. A single-emitter diode based design enables extremely reliable performance.

“Our fiber laser system is unique in that all of the components are engineered and designed to work together. Cutting application specialists defined and validated all of the cutting parameters so our partners and their customers can easily use laser for a broad range of applications including marking, efficient processing of gauge and fractional materials, and fine feature cutting,” said Doug Shuda, Hypertherm’s fiber laser product manager. “Hypertherm partners and their customers no longer have to choose between plasma and laser. They can choose both, applying the best cutting technology foreach particular job.”

Fiber laser offers several advantages over CO2 laser systems. It requires virtually no maintenance, is more energy efficient, and takes up less space. The power supply is much smaller than CO2, yet fiber delivery enables the beam to travel greater distances allowing for installation on larger tables.

Hypertherm’s introduction of a fiber laser system follows several years of intense research and development. The company applied more than four decades of metal cutting expertise to develop a powerful system that builds upon Hypertherm’s existing plasma cutting system offerings.

About Hypertherm:
Hypertherm designs and manufactures advanced metal cutting systems for use in a variety of industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing, and automotive repair. Its product line includes handheld and mechanized plasma and laser systems, consumables, as well as CNC motion and height controls and cutting software. Hypertherm systems are trusted for performance and reliability that results in increased productivity and profitability for tens of thousands of businesses. The New Hampshire based company’s reputation for metal cutting innovation dates back more than 40 years, to 1968, with Hypertherm’s invention of water injection plasma cutting. The company, consistently named one of the best places to work in America, has more than 1,000 associates along with operations and partner representation worldwide.