Expansion to the TungTurn-Jet Line

An Expansion to the TungTurn-Jet Line

The Turning Holder System with High Pressure Coolant Capability

Tungaloy Corporation is introducing an expansion to the TungTurn-Jet line, the turning tool system with high pressure coolant capability – a perfect tool line for achieving Accelerated Machining.

TungTurn-Jet line, tungaloyUntil now, coolant was simply applied by flooding the cutting area, which can cause chips generated during machining to interfere with the coolant flow, preventing it from reaching the exact spot where needed. Tungaloy’s TungTurn-Jet’s high pressure, double jet coolant system delivers jets of coolant to the optimum position close to the cutting edge and increases productivity by forming short chips in machining difficult-to-cut materials like heat resistant super alloys. Tool life is also extended using the second coolant jet from the frontal hole to the cutting point to prevent flank wear on the insert.

Even when using normal coolant pressure and existing equipment, TungTurn-Jet improves tool life for stainless and alloy steels as well as heat resistant super alloys in aerospace, automotive and general engineering industries.

This expansion also adds new lines to the ISO-EcoTurn range to further expand its turning capability in a multitude of industries.


  • High pressure coolant jet improves chip control and productivity by forming small chips in machining difficult materials like heat resistant super alloys.
  • Coolant jet is delivered to the optimum position close to the cutting edge, dramatically improving chip evacuation and tool life.

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