EMKA New Locking Hinge Solution for the HVAC Sector

EMKA Locking Hinge Solution for HVAC Sector

The new locking hinge by EMKA prevents leakages on doors and valves of air- conditioning systems. Furthermore, during maintenance tasks, the hinge can be operated easily and safely: By using a height-adjustable hinge bracket, it also makes a precisely adjustable gasket compression possible and provides standard safety functions that are optimized through intelligent engineering solutions.



The height-adjustable hinge bracket permits individually precise adjustments of the gasket compression. When opening the lock, the pressure is released in two steps. This offers an additional safety feature for the user: Firstly, the door is caught by an integrated, patented impact guard so that the pressure can escape from the vent ducts safely. Subsequently, the door is unlocked enabling access to the unit. Secondly, the door is closed in only one step, another distinctive feature for convenient handling by EMKA.

The new locking hinge provides the option to open the door of the air-conditioning unit either to the right or left. This design offers more flexibility to the user and makes the installation independent from the building’s design. Furthermore, the new hinge makes it possible to remove the door completely. This option is a very important function during maintenance tasks when, for instance, a filter must be replaced.

This locking hinge made by EMKA is already used in many air-conditioning units of numerous renowned manufacturers. Nevertheless, EMKA continuously develops new solutions in this area. As a full-service supplier of locking technologies, the company’s range of products also includes seals appropriate for hygienic applications. These seals are made of EPDM and silicone and are perfectly suitable for air-conditioning systems.

About EMKA
The EMKA GROUP is the world leader for locking systems, hinges and sealings, which are used in cabinets and control cabinets for electronics and electrical engineering. In the areas air conditioning technology and transport, EMKA is one of the leading manufacturers of locking technology.

The product range comprises 15,000 articles that are developed, manufactured, processed and assembled at nine production sites in Germany, France, England, Spain, Bosnia, Serbia and China. The company has 1,520 employees in 50 countries worldwide.

EMKA is an expert in the casting of stainless steel, spraying of aluminium, zinc and high-performance plastics as well as in the extrusion of rubber and plastic profile. Punching, bending, turning, milling, friction welding, surface coating or powder coating as well as the final assembly of the modular product program ensure a unique vertical integration. An experienced team of designers, developers and engineers is available at EMKA for the realization of individual customer solutions. The company sets standards in quality, depth of production and delivery performance.

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