Eliminate Doubt, Calibration with Jergens’ Lift-Check Hoist Ring

Eliminate doubt, calibration with Jergens’ Lift-Check ™ Hoist Ring

Jergens’ NEW Lift-Check hoist ring ensures safety and quick lifting with its patent-pending, proprietary Visual Tension Indicator hex-head cap screw. These screws turn from red to lift-check, jergensblack when the hoist ring is safe to lift – eliminating calibration, allowing hands-free inspection and significantly reducing installation time. It’s simple, Red means NO, Black means GO! Lift-Check™ provides accuracy of ±10% of designed tension and are rated at 5:1 strength factor & proof tested to 200% of rated load capacity in accordance with ASME B30.26. Made of Alloy Steel with a Black Oxide finish, the Lift Check™ Hoist Ring offers full 360° swivel and 180° pivot action.

Built in the United States, Lift-Check provides repeatable solutions for a wide range of lifting applications from 2,500 to 7,000 pounds. Lift Check’s U-bar, bolt, pins, base, washer and bushing are magnetic particle inspected. Jergens also offers Lift-Check bolt kits for standard and long U-bar styles.

About Jergens Inc.

In 1942, Jack Schron, Sr. founded Glenn Tool and Manufacturing, with his father Christy. In response to the needs of wartime production, they began to manufacture standard components in the building next door, with the goal of helping American Manufacturers operate quickly and more efficiently. “The Standard Components with the Highest Standards” became this new company’s founding philosophy, and it put Jergens, Inc. on the forefront of the “lean manufacturing” movement before anyone even thought to put those two words together. For more information, email info@jergensinc.com or visit www.jergensinc.com