E-Z Lok Threaded Inserts and Kits for Softwood 

E-Z Lok, a leading manufacturer and master distributor of threaded inserts for metal, plastic and wood is offers E-Z Hex™ (Hex Drive) inserts along with drive thread insert kits. 

Generically referred to as Type D (flanged) or Type E (flush) insert nuts, E-Z Hex™ inserts, by E-Z LOK, provide sturdy machine threads in soft woods. These hex drives are an ideal solution for any application where assembly or disassembly could lead to thread erosion or stripping. This threaded insert for wood features broad external threads that provide superior holding power in materials like pine, composition board, MDF and plywood. E-Z Hex™ internal thread sizes range from #8 to ⅜-16, plus M6 and M8. Die-cast from a durable zinc alloy, these threaded inserts install quickly with an Allen wrench or optional drive tool.

E-Z LOKE-Z Hex™ inserts are a cost-effective solution for reinforcing threads in soft woods. Inch or metric threads are available in Flanged and Flush (Type D/Type E) Hex drive designs, along with multiple length options. The hexagonal drive design ensures efficient torque transfer, eliminating slippage and providing a secure connection. Furthermore, the self-tapping feature creates threads directly in the softwood, eliminating the need for pre-drilling.

Threaded inserts for wood are used in ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture, drawer pulls, display cases, crating and anywhere threaded inserts are installed in softwood.

E-Z Hex™ threaded insert kits offer the parts needed to provide solid reinforcement to threaded holes in softwood materials. Depending on project requirements and available tools, the company offers standard hex drive threaded insert installation kits with the drive tool, drill bit and specific size inserts in both flanged and flush designs. Another option is threaded insert assortment kits that provide a variety of different insert sizes without the drive tool and drill bits.

About E-Z LOK

E-Z Lok is a leading manufacturer and master distributor of threaded inserts for metal, plastic and wood. Inserts for metal include solid wall and helical wire-thread inserts, while inserts for plastic feature press-in ultrasonic/heat stake designs. Those for wood are die cast zinc alloy hex drives for soft wood and brass knife threads for hard wood. A variety of kits for the above inserts are available and feature installation tools, drill bits, etc.

E-Z Lok is a third-generation family owned and operated company. Founded in 1956, it primarily sells through local, regional, and national industrial distributors.

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