Duechting Releases MCCR Mineral Cast Pumps

Mineral Cast Pumps from Duechting with World-Standard Fitting Sizes

Retrofit of absorber recirculation pumps for flue gas desulfurization

Flue gas desulfurization is a true “endurance test” for recirculation pumps because the medium being pumped is extremely corrosive and abrasive. Duechting is one of the few internationally leading manufacturers in this demanding niche market, offering pumping solutions for retrofitting existing pump stations in power plants with its new MCCR line.


The MCCR line is based on the MCC series pumps that are used worldwide and achieve a very long service life under unfavorable environmental conditions. This is largely due to the special material from which they are made.  Components that are in contact with the media, such as the housing and impeller are fabricated using mineral castings — constructed of SICcast®— rather than high-alloy stainless steel or rubber-lined steel.

This SICcast® material is produced by another company in the Duechting Group. Using a silicon carbide/binder mixture as the base the components are cast in the desired shape via pressureless casting and then undergo heat hardening for outstanding performance. These components are completely resistant to corrosion and have extremely high hardness. In addition, they are abrasion-resistant, resistant to thermal shock, and impact-resistant.

With this profile of properties, the SICcast® material is ideally suited for pumps that transport abrasive and/or corrosive media. The MCC pumps, which Duechting produces in eleven sizes with nominal widths from 400 mm  to 1000 mm for volume flows of up to 20,000 m3/h (at 6 bar), have proven themselves for years. In addition to the special material used, this line of pumps also features, among other things, the high-efficiency DÜTEC®-C cartridge mechanical seal developed by Duechting, as well as a maintenance-friendly design.  The complete impeller set can be removed without disassembling the spiral housing from the pipe assembly.

Power plant operators make changes
Since numerous power plant operators, particularly in the USA, have used other types of absorber recirculation pumps in the past and have not been satisfied with their service life, this retrofit was an obvious choice.  The MCCR line offers all the advantages of the MCC series with adapted fitting sizes for flanges and drive shafts, as well as other dimensions which enables retrofits into existing pumping stations without any other modifications.

An American power plant operator has already installed one of the first MCCR pumps with a SICcast®housing and impeller using it as a replacement to their outdated equipment. The pump was installed within a short time period with minor modification to the base frame and utilized the customers’ existing motor, gear box, and coupling.

After the mineral cast retrofit pump had operated under the adverse conditions of flue gas desulfurization for an entire year without failure or any signs of wear and tear, the operator decided to switch all absorber recirculation pumps in the power plant complex to the MCCR line.

In other cases, pumps from the proven MCC line with SICcast® housings and impellers can also be used to retrofit existing pump stations. Due to the wide range of pump hydraulics available, Duechting offers the right pump for nearly every flue gas desulfurization application.

DUECHTING PUMPEN is a third-generation family-owned German company headquartered in the Ruhr region, with 77 years of experience in the development and production of high-quality centrifugal pumps for industrial applications, including seawater desalination (reverse osmosis), flue gas desulfurization, mining, and the chemical industry. The company offers the right solution for nearly every industrial application where the transport of liquids plays a role. The product range mainly consists of single-stage and multi-stage centrifugal pumps for pressures up to 250 bar and flow rates up to 20,000 m3/h. Approximately 120 employees promote the company and its products through their professional expertise, team spirit and commitment. DUECHTING PUMPEN has its own branch offices in North and South America as well as Russia and established sales and service partners in more than 25 countries worldwide. 

More information can be found at www.duechting.com.