DP Technology and ESPRIT® Showcase Comprehensive Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Solutions at EMO

DP Technology is looking to the future at EMO Hannover, demonstrating the benefits of ESPRIT® for Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing, as well as showing off new additive manufacturing solutions.

DP Technology, maker of ESPRIT® CAM systems, is using its presence at EMO Hannover to promote the benefits of ESPRIT® CAM for Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing, as well as to premier the ESPRIT® Additive Suite — a comprehensive 3D printing solution that simplifies the additive manufacturing process.

DP Technology is promoting its solutions to drive automation in manufacturing in support of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. ESPRIT® CAM yields high-performance CNC programming, optimization and simulation solutions. More than just a software, ESPRIT® is a powerful full-spectrum system that also provides:

-Factory-certified post processors that generate machine-optimized G-code
-World-class technical support
-Automation solutions and apps built using the software’s API

esprit,As manufacturing becomes increasingly digitized, ESPRIT® is up to the task with built-in solutions that allow manufacturers to create a digital twin of their machining environment and trace a digital thread throughout the entire manufacturing process, from CAD design to finished part. With ESPRIT®’s exacting simulations, virtual machining is nearly identical to what occurs on the shop floor, leading to higher quality and greater productivity. And because ESPRIT® integrates into the existing workflow, data can be passed seamlessly from CAD program to ESPRIT® and then onward to shop floor management, tool data management, job management, resource planning, and other software.

In addition to discussing ESPRIT’s leadership in the future of manufacturing at EMO, DP Technology is also unveiling its new additive manufacturing solution. Designed to simplify the additive process from 3D CAD model to printed part, the new ESPRIT® Additive Suite will feature programming, optimization and simulation for direct metal deposition, 3D powder bed, and subtractive manufacturing. General end-user availability is expected in mid-2018.

“Like many other industries, manufacturing is in the middle of a digital transformation,” says Chuck Mathews, CTO and executive vice president of DP Technology. “That’s why ESPRIT® is redefining the meaning of ‘full-spectrum’ with a solution for two additional families of machines: additive and hybrid. Meanwhile, we continue to optimize our powerful solutions to drive automation in subtractive manufacturing in the 21st century and beyond. Because EMO brings together some of the most innovative, forward-thinking people in the industry, it is an ideal place to talk about the benefits of ESPRIT® for factories of the future.”

Please visit DP Technology/ESPRIT® at EMO, September 18-23, at Hannover Fairgrounds Hall 25, Stand D25. More information is available at www.espritadditive.com.

About DP Technology Corp.

DP Technology Corp. is a leading developer and supplier of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems. ESPRIT®, DP Technology’s flagship product, is a powerful, high-performance, full-spectrum programming system for milling, turning, wire EDM, multi-tasking machine tools and metal additive manufacturing. ESPRIT® and its support personnel embody DP Technology’s passion for excellence and vision of technology’s potential. DP Technology reinforces its commitment to technical excellence by dedicating nearly 20 percent of its annual revenue to ongoing research and product development. This long-term focus has produced powerful technological innovations that have placed ESPRIT in an industry-leading position since its market launch in 1985. By leveraging its vast experience with CAM systems, as well as its extensive R&D infrastructure, DP Technology continues its commitment to excellence and to delivering the world-class technical support that is the hallmark of DP Technology and ESPRIT® software. For additional information about DP Technology and ESPRIT®, call +1 805 388 6000, email esprit@dptechnology.com, or visit www.espritcam.com