Dormer Pramet Releases their All-in-One Indexable Cutter

The Pramet Force AD milling cutter is revolutionizing end user productivity with its versatility. This universal shoulder milling cutter features differential pitch to reduce vibration and system noise. Combine solid performance with the cutter’s application with multiple materials and in harsh environmental conditions and users have the ideal universal shoulder milling product to fit their needs.Force_AD_Web

The body of the milling cutter is constructed of a new material specifically suited to machine a pocket for the insert after head treatment. The result in application is closer tolerances for higher accuracy. Designed to be corrosion resistant, the Force AD also provides increased strength at higher temperatures.

Other features of the Force AD resulting in increased productivity include:
–        High positive 27° geometry to reduce cutting forces
–        FA geometry specific to ISO “N” materials to reduce material sticking
–        Special surface finish for increased corrosion resistance, reduced wear and lower friction resistance
–        Polished inserts for high feed and differential pitch

The Force AD is a great addition to the Dormer Pramet indexable offer. As your one-stop-shop manufacturer, we delivery products providing versatility to fit customer needs.

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