Digital Metrology Marks 20 Years of Metrology Successes

Digital Metrology Solutions, provider of measurement software, consulting and training, is marking its 20th year of service in May, 2019. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Mark Malburg, the company has aided hundreds of companies to solve product and process development issues by developing and applying advanced metrology technologies.

“We realized early on people don’t want to measure…they want to understand. It isn’t the measurement that matters, it’s what you are able to do with the data,” said Dr. Malburg. “We have made it our mission to provide tools to help users communicate and effectively use measurement data for understanding and improving component performance.”

Digital Metrology was originally formed to develop software for custom metrology applications, such as measuring unusual profile geometries and/or features of interest. In recent years, Digital Metrology has collaborated with instrument manufacturers around the world to develop measuring systems and to embed software in custom and off-the-shelf metrology systems.

The success of its earlier custom work eventually led to several widely successful, general-purpose software packages, including OmniSurf for two dimensional surface profile analysis, OmniRound for roundness and harmonic analysis and, more recently, OmniSurf3D for three dimensional surface texture analysis.

Malburg continued, “When we entered the metrology market, most surface and geometry analysis was performed on the instrument, using the instrument’s own proprietary software. We saw a need for a simple-to-use software that people outside of the lab could use. The best understanding of a shape comes from interacting with the shape, not simply reporting a number. Though the years I’ve heard many customers say that the engineers’ ability to interact with the data, in their offices, has lead to major breakthroughs in product understanding and development.”

Today, Digital Metrology continues to help people explore measurement data, to develop new metrology analysis tools, and to forge collaborations with metrology instrument companies. “We are proud to be able to say that Digital Metrology is at the core of many modern measurement systems in surface and form metrology,” said Dr. Malburg.

About Digital Metrology Solutions

Digital Metrology is committed to the development and deployment of measurement technologies. With 25 years of experience in metrology software development and an extensive network of university and industry resources, Digital Metrology provides metrology systems integration, software, consultation and training, helping clients develop, interpret and apply measurement results to their specific applications.

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