DAPRA Versatile Laser Marking Workstations

Laser Marking Workstations- Versatile Laser Marking Systems for Parts and Operations of Various Shapes & Sizes

DAPRA offers Class 1 laser marking workstations with large working envelopes to mark parts and components of various shapes and sizes, from low volumes to large batches. Laser marking systems are available for low-volume marking applications, cell manufacturing, low- to mid-volume marking applications, large part marking and batch marking.


  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction
  • Wraparound door design for easy part positioning and open-frame operation to accommodate extra-large components on mid-sized model EQ2
  • Automatic pneumatic door and removable side panels for easy production line integration on heavy-
    duty model EQ3
  • Programmable Z-axis on models EQ2 and EQ3 for automatic laser focus height control
  • 6W, 12W and 20W laser sources are available
  • Easy setup and operation
  • V3 Windows™-based GUI laser software
  • Mark on plastics and metals (High Speed Steel, Carbide, Nickel Alloys, Stainless, Aluminum)

Applications Include:

  • Surgical instruments and medical implants
  • Cutting tools
  • Automotive components
  • Tags and nameplates
  • General engineering
  • Appliances


  • Filter/fume extractors
  • Rotary device for marking around diameters (models EQ2 and EQ3 only)

Twenty years of experience combined with proven technology ensures Dapra Marking Systems’ ability to provide comprehensive, cost-effective direct part marking solutions for your unique application. We understand that marking requirements are as individual as the end products themselves.

About DAPRA Marking Systems
Serving North American manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, defense, general metalworking and fabrication, medical and plastics industries, Dapra Marking Systems offers superior industrial marking equipment for stand-alone benchtop workstations, portable/hand-held part marking or integration into your production line.

Dapra Marking Systems is a proven supplier of dependable computer-controlled dot peen marking machines, laser marking and engraving systems, as well as 2-D Data Matrix machine-readable systems. In addition, Dapra offers custom-engineered “design-and-build” systems for individual marking requirements and applications. In addition to the marking equipment, Dapra provides part-holding fixtures, custom software, and integration with plant floor controls and manufacturing execution systems. 2-D Data Matrix fixed station read and verification stations and 2-D Data Matrix hand-held readers offered by Dapra support part traceability applications and manufacturing process improvement.

Dapra Corporation
For 60 years, Dapra Corporation has been supplying metalworking customers with superior quality cutting tools, workholding and rotary positioning products and part marking machines.

The Dapra Division specializes in providing high-velocity, high-performance cutting tools designed to provide maximum value in difficult metalworking applications. We continue to improve our products to meet more demanding performance requirements. Dapra also imports workholding and positioning equipment from Europe, including Servopress Indexing Tables, HydraVise machine vises, Allmatic Precision Vises and Tombstone Fixtures, and Biax Power Scrapers and Air Tools.

Dapra products are sold through distribution in North America. Sales and applications support personnel are located throughout the United States. In addition, both domestic and international support are located at Dapra’s Bloomfield, Connecticut headquarters.

For more information, please visit www.dapramarking.com.