Creform Cart’s Answer For Handling Reels And Spools

‘WHAT A SPOOL BELIEVES’…THE REAL REEL HANDLING CART Creform® cart has the answer for handling reels and spools

Some of the more difficult products to handle in a production environment are reels and spools of wire and hose. They’re cumbersome, usually big and are definitely awkward. Creform has designed a cart specifically to hold reels and spools for delivery to the production floor, as well as being used for lineside storage for part replenishment.

CRE-550, reel
Some of the more difficult products to handle in a production environment are reels and spools of wire and hose. Creform releases a new cart as an answer.

Although custom configurable, the cart pictured has ten adjustable positions making it easy to add, reduce or reposition the spools with basic hand tools. It also is configured for narrow reels but the dividers, used to keep product separated, can easily be moved to create wider bays. The dividers also prevent tangling and make for easy load/unload. The spools or reels are supported by their rim which also makes load/unload easy and helps protect the product that they carry.

The cart is constructed using the Creform system of both 28 and 42 mm dia. pipe and joints. The critical long spans of the cart use the more robust 42 mm dia. pipe, while the 28 mm dia. pipe is used for the rest of the cart. It comes with four large diameter swivel casters which aid in the movement and positioning. The six-inch urethane wheels feature two swivels and two fixed casters.

The cart shown measures 34” W x 46” H x 50” L, but a wide variety of pipe and color options are available. This particular cart is designed to hold up to 600 lb., and features a hitch for towing by a manual tugger of AGV. A tie-bar connects the front of the cart to the latch on the back making it easy to tow multiple carts at one time. The modular design affords the opportunity to add only the accessories that you want. Accessories include label holders, clip board hangers or tool holders to name a few.

The Creform System is used to create an array of material handling and efficiency enhancing devices and is a proven component in 5S, continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing programs. The company partners with customers in supporting these programs.

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