Coxreels Offers Upgraded Swivel Options for the 1125 Series

Coxreels® is pleased to offer our customers two upgraded swivel options for the 1125 Series. The medium pressure (up to 4,000 PSI) and high pressure (up to 5,000 PSI) can both be factory installed on the standard 1125 Series.

The medium pressure swivel is precision machined from solid brass and features upgraded wall thickness, and upgraded seals and backup rings. When requesting this upgrade, change the model prefix to –MP (example: MP1125-4-200).

The high pressure swivel is machined from high strength steel and nickel plated for corrosion resistance. This ball bearing swivel features maximum flow and enhanced load bearing capabilities. When requesting this upgrade, change the model prefix to –HP (example: HP1125-4-200).

About Coxreels®

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