Coxreels® Mounting Brackets for 100 Series

Coxreels is proud to announce our newest expansion to our mounting bracket lineup, the SMK-702 SERIES. As part of our enduring dedication to continues product improvements, the SMK-702 series is a swivel bracket accessory for the 100 SERIES HOSE REELS and the V-100 SERIES VACUUM REELS. Built in the USA of heavy gauge steel, the SMK-702 wall mount swivel brackets feature 360-degree rotation, with multiple locking positions via an easy-to-use ergonomic pin lock. Powder coated gloss black the swivel bracket allows the user to point the reel in the direction where the hose is needed, improving the experience and function during payout and rewind. The innovative design of the swivel bracket offsets the front of the reels forward so that the reel swivels and tracks with the direction of hose payout if left un-locked. The full-length vertical bearing and stability thrust bearing provides smooth and long-lasting rotation.

The SMK-702 comes in two sizes, SMK-702-8 and SMK-702-12.5. The SMK-702-8 is for use with 8” wide drum 100 series such as the 112-3-100 and the 117-3-250. The SMK-702-12.5 follows the same logic for 12.5” wide drum reels like the 112-3-150, 117-3-400, 112-4-75, 117-4-225 and the 117-5-100 but will also work with all the 100 VACUUM SERIES V-112-730, V-117-835 and V-117-850 even though the drum width is actually 13.5 on some of those reels.

As the industry leader in hose, cord, and cable reels, Coxreels is making a commitment to provide our customers with the ultimate and most complete, diverse line of reels and reeling accessories.

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About Coxreels

Currently in our 10th decade under the 3rd generation of family ownership and operation, we are proud to manufacture the industry’s highest quality and widest variety of hose, cord, and cable reels. We remain aware that our products are called on to be the most reliable product built to faithfully perform in various settings and applications.

Our team takes great pride in our growth and innovation as a U.S. manufacturer. We recognize USA Made, USA Quality, and USA Support as critical components to delivering incomparable product value. These founding principles are displayed and reflected in each model and every part of the Coxreels product line! Our advanced engineering and manufacturing processes make extensive use of in-house design, CNC machinery with robotic welding and robotic spin cell operations, and modern automation systems that allow us to develop and build state-of-the-art reeling platform solutions that meet the most demanding requirements in the industry

You will see the quality, variety, value and innovation that has made us a world leading reel manufacturer. Over 90 years as the industry leader proves that constant learning and communication with the industries we serve, innovative engineering and the highest standards in quality and service ensure we will continue to innovate with new proprietary technologies, superior special features and superior products that set the bar in the reel industry.

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