Concentric Maxi Torque – Various Bore Sizes

The Concentric Maxi Torque by CMT is a revolutionary keyless tapered bushing & shaft-to-hub connection system.  Developed initially for the synchronous drives market, it is designed and patented by Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc. Patent No. 6,568,063.

CMT TECHNOLOGY – Concentric Maxi Torque

CMT is a unique bushing attachment system: a single set screw locks the low-taper-angle split bushing in place and eliminates all of the existing attachment issues.

  • The bushing system is engineered to assure full surface contact and even clamping pressure with a single set screw.
  • Set screw size optimized to provide holding torque in line with shaft diameters and component torques.
  • Developed using mathematical and FEA modeling.
  • Scalable to any shaft/bore size requirement.
  • Lower inertia and better shaft-to-component balance.
  • System design assures near-perfect hub-to-shaft concentricity when assembled.


Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc. has developed its CMT bushing system, through scalable technology, to meet a wide variety of popular, as well as custom, hub-to-shaft combinations.

  • Imperial & metric bore size coverage from .125” to 1.1875” and 3mm to 30mm
  • Torque capacities from 14 in-lbs (1.5Nm) to 2,795 in-lbs (315 Nm)
  • Multiple bore size offerings per bushing size allowing for maximum mix & match flexibility with minimum components
  • Withstands repeated assembly and disassembly with no shaft damage and without a reduction in torque capacity
  • Flexible positioning accuracy provides easy phase adjustment


Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc., an innovative designer and market leader can apply the CMT bushing system in solving your most demanding hi-tech synchronous drive and rotating component problems.

  • High-speed indexing and reversing in systems using timing belt pulleys and gears
  • Systems requiring a high level of component rotational positioning accuracy and precise run-out control
  • Designs where reduced inertia and low vibration are desired
  • Components required to be assembled and disassembled multiple times during their life
  • Rotating mechanisms requiring compact space
  • Devices requiring high reliability with minimal maintenance


A Technically Superior Solution

  • Quicker assembly than other systems
  • Higher holding reliability – lower maintenance
  • Improved shaft-to-hub concentricity – less run-out
  • Multiple bore sizes available per bushing size
  • Reduced inertia for increased power savings
  • Compact design fits in tighter spaces
  • Cost competitive with all other attachment systems

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About CMT

CMT offers the Guaranteed Shipment Program for timing pulley stock for 5 pieces and less shipped within 72 hours or we pay the UPS ground freight charges.* We provide first-class timing pulley stock in a variety of materials quicker than anyone else in the business. CMT also carries a complete line of matching flanges and timing belts to provide you with a one-stop solution.

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