COMEQ, Inc. Announces Availability of the Primeline Shearing System Package

Many customers have purchased swing beam shears for their applications. Generally, these machines have been more economically priced than comparably sized guillotine/variable primelinerake machines unless the variable rake machines were offered with high rake angles for both the top and bottom ends of the adjustment range. Swing beam hydraulic shearing systems machines, as applications indicate, are available with all features and options in thicknesses to ¾ inch and lengths to 20 feet.

The new shearing system features the adjustment of the rake angle with a low cutting angle for its benefit for thinner material and special applications, a simple programmable control that allows input for a few pieces of information for the machine to quickly and properly cut the part incorporating rake angle, blade gap, backgauge and stroke length adjustment for maximum productivity, a short squaring arm, support arms, light beam, table with ball transfers to facilitate plate movement, and low noise low hydraulic system.

COMEQ, Inc. also supplies the lighter capacity mechanical machines for up to 10-gauge mild steel/13-gauge stainless capacity. Some machines feature external blade gap adjustment and, either as standard or as option, go-to backgauge, programmable back gauge, 40-inch back gauge travel, support and squaring arms and sheet support devices with front or rear drop.

For further information, contact Steve Lazinsky at 410-248-5577 or email