Automated production with no downtime: New octoplant feature enables quick overview of all assets and equipment

With the current octoplant software version, AUVESY-MDT has the right answer to error-proneness in complex production processes. The enormous number of assets, mostly from different manufacturers, is a major challenge in automated production. The resulting complexity on the shopfloor increases downtime risk and intensive manual asset management efforts. AUVESY-MDT’s new asset inventory feature, now released as a beta version, provides relief against just these kinds of challenges and efforts.

An up-to-date list of all physical assets involved in automated production processes is the key to  avoiding downtime. With asset inventory at the push of a button and holistic transparency, companies  move away from reactive maintenance to preventive hardware replacement and firmware updates.

Clever shopfloor management

The higher the level of automation in production processes, the more complex the coordination, meaning more manual process management efforts. Different employees monitor individual modules  at different times, replace them, change them or shut them down. If production environments are  distributed across locations worldwide, it is simply impossible to maintain an overview without the  appropriate technological support. The versioning and back-up tool octoplant has been delivering  market-leading solutions to these challenges for years.

“What uniquely differentiates operational work with asset inventory, is transparency: it allows  production managers in industrial manufacturing to keep track of OT data governance from an altitude  of 20,000 feet,” explains Dr. Jonas Kalb, Head of Product at AUVESY-MDT. “You can aggregate all  information from different assets and correlate it with additional data from outside. You can see  directly: Are there backups for all assets in my production facilities? How much energy do my processes  consume? Or, how has production output changed over time after I made changes?”

Transparency over assets and factories worldwide

octoplant’s asset inventory brings a host of new features enabling simplification, overviews, and time and cost savings in shopfloor management. Up-to-date digital lists can be created at the touch of a  button – because with the large number of assets involved in automated processes, a manually  recorded list never provides the current status. The clear dashboard shows which manufacturer device  types and models are in use, for which there is a regulated backup process, and which firmware version  is on individual components, keeping them both current and compatible.

The feature also creates the basis for risk assessment by comparing inventory with public CVE  databases for security vulnerabilities, checking the condition of devices and systems, and determining  when obsolete hardware and devices need to be replaced. All responsible parties have access to all device information, regardless of location. “Asset Inventory” from octoplant thus becomes a reliable  and holistic control center for all involved entities – from the maintenance department to management.


AUVESY-MDT is the global market and technology leader for versioning and backup solutions in industrial automation. With its octoplant software platform, the company secures the automation of production processes through strong end-point management, where it consistently records and monitors changes to configurations, programming and project statuses in production. This minimizes downtime, increases efficiency, quality and safety standards, and saves costs as well as resources. As a modular solution, octoplant can be linked to different automation technologies and devices, regardless of the manufacturer.

AUVESY-MDT was formed in 2022 from the merger of the two established market leaders AUVESY GmbH and MDT Software Inc. The company is headquartered in Landau, Pfalz, Germany, with additional locations in the USA and China. The company works with more than 100 partners on all continents and serves over 2,500 customers worldwide.

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