AFT Fasteners, a national distributor of fastener and industrial products, recently launched their new e-commerce website,, which will revolutionize the way OEM and MRO customers purchase fasteners and industrial supplies. Until now, industrial customers had two options – purchase online at highly inflated prices, or submit a request for quote, often waiting weeks for a response.

AFT Website“We’re simply trying to make it easy for manufacturers across the county to order the fastener and industrial supplies they need without the hassle,” said Johnny Rose, President, AFT Industries.

AFT’s new approach is centered on the idea of simplified purchasing. They have accomplished this goal by:

Listing products at the lowest prices available, instead of forcing purchasing managers to negotiate prices. Every customer gets the same price – the lowest price.

Offering a diverse product selection, which includes fastener and non-fastener products such as safety supplies, abrasives, hand tools, power tools, electronics hardware, electrical products and more. In fact, if customers do not see the exact products needed, simply contact AFT, who will source them and add it to their website.

Custom company catalogs – enabling multiple buyers to log into their own account and access the same products at standardized pricing.

Allowing multiple shipment locations from one purchase order. Order once, ship to multiple locations.

Easy checkout – pay with a credit card, PayPal or purchase order.

In addition, AFT’s in-house plating and metal fabrication facilities genuinely set them apart.

“We can provide competitively priced fasters, modify or manufacture them to your specifications and then custom plate them all in house, saving valuable time and expense,” said Mr. Rose. “We truly are your ‘All-In-One’ supplier.”

Along with a clean and easy to navigate design and an extensive product catalog that is easy to search, AFT’s new website features a growing library of technical resources.

Finally, the website is backed by superior customer service and a knowledgeable sales team. “I’m very happy. Your service has been really outstanding. Prices are 1/5 to 1/2 what I’ve been paying, and I thought the prices I was paying before were pretty good. I wish I’d found you folks years ago.” Paul K. Johnson of

About AFT Fasteners:
AFT Fasteners is an international fastener and industrial supply distributor, providing cost-effective solutions to OEM and MRO customers. AFT carries over 200,000 parts and provides a wide range of value-added services that include metal fabrication, custom plating & coating, mill shipments, inventory management (VMI), kitting capabilities and custom fasteners. They provide sales and distribution throughout the United States, giving AFT the ability to expedite domestic sourcing.

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