A Wise Investment: The Value of Retrofitting  

A Wise Investment: The Value of Retrofitting

Wardwell, Central Falls, RI, USA began in 1911 as a supplier of braiding machines to the wardwell, retrofittingmanufacturers of textile products and later developed machinery models for reinforced hose and composite structures. Since the 1970s, the company’s focus has been on specialized braiding machines that serve the wire and cable industry. Today, Wardwell is a global supplier of braiders, winders and payoffs for the wire and cable industry.

While a machine may look fine on the outside, parts on the inside wear and, eventually, need to be replaced. Wardwell’s braiding machines are suitable candidates for retrofitting with new features such as high-efficiency motors, drives, broken wire detection, empty bobbin detection, core run-out sensors and longitudinal taping systems.  The advancements in mechanical and electronic components make retrofit a cost-effective means of improving performance on existing machines.

General benefits of retrofitting provide a safer option over the acquisition of used equipment and include an easy solution for machine operators, enhanced performance,


reduced machine down time and increased output. Reconditioning is particularly suitable for Wardwell machines because wear is, generally, limited to the braiding head and rotating parts. These are easily removed, shipped to Wardwell for refurbishing, and re-installed when complete. Furthermore, it reduces or eliminates the costs associated with acquiring used equipment, stocking of additional replacement pats plus the training needed by operators and maintenance personnel.

The management and engineering team at Wardwell has over 100 years of experience in the design, building and maintenance of braiding equipment. Wardwell has all the necessary capabilities to fulfill your retrofitting needs, supporting and maintaining all of its equipment. As the original manufacturer, you’ll never settle for second best or have to wonder about quality. Retrofitting is carried out by Wardwell’s trained technicians, who evaluate the machine’s mechanical components and advise customers on the condition and options available. Electrical and safety systems are replaced with factory-original parts and modernized to comply with current standards. All machine functions are tested and validated after completion. Wardwell guarantees machine retrofits with a factory warranty.  Please contact the company for details.



For additional information, please contact Wardwell or visit the company’s website at www.wardwell.com.

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