UNISIG Brings Drilling Technologies to IMTS

UNISIG to Showcase Its Deep Hole Drilling Technologies at IMTS 2016

At IMTS 2016, UNISIG will display its broad and comprehensive line of deep hole drilling solutions. Experts will be on hand in booth S-9159 to consult with attendees on how best to incorporate deep hole drilling into their operations. UNISIG will highlight two of its easy-to-use, highly precise systems, a high-performance gundrilling machine and an accurate, automation-ready rifling machine, as well as examples of complex deep hole drilled workpieces.


UNISIG specializes in developing comprehensive solutions for any deep hole drilling application. The company’s broad product portfolio addresses applications for any industry segment and is complemented by UNISIG’s approach of offering machinery, tooling, and automation as a full solution.

UNISIG offers comprehensive support for all its customers including training, installation and turn-key systems. They offer prototype drilling and process development to streamline the transition into using UNISIG’s deep hole drilling solutions.

UNISIG’s cost-effective UNE 12-2 gundrilling machine is designed from the ground up to help any shop bring in gundrilling processes with a low overall investment. It features high-performance components and engineering to reliably deliver more exact gundrilled holes at an increased rate than machines retrofitted to perform gundrilling operations.

The UNE 12-2 is rated to gundrill diameters measuring up to 0.50 inches and depths up to 30 inches. Its vector-driven variable speed spindles rotate at rates that reach 12,000 rpm. UNE machines’ modular design allows for express delivery of a variety of machine configurations for the rapid addition of deep hole drilling to a manufacturer’s production line.

Also on display will be the R-2A rifling machine, which is used for the final process of rifle barrel blank manufacturing and completes a rifle cell. With a servo-motor-driven headstock and glass scale, the R-2A machine provides ultimate control over the barrel blank manufacturing process and easily manufactures calibers ranging from .17 to .50.

Workpieces requiring a wide range of deep hole drilling applications will also be on hand, showcasing what is possible with a variety of deep hole drilling methods and equipment. These will include a complex mold base that was manufactured with a combination of deep hole drilling and machining processes that significantly reduced the number of setups. An additional display will include a variety of workpieces with on- and off-center deep holes, all held to the challenging tolerances that are required by some of the industry’s most demanding applications.

Headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wis., UNISIG is a world leader in the manufacturing of deep-hole drilling systems and technologies for precision-focused metal cutting industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy and medical. A state-
of-the-art production facility and reliable network of local suppliers allow the company to design and manufacture its BTA, gundrilling, trepanning and skiving machines as well as its tooling solutions and automation in the United States.

For more information on UNISIG, visit www.unisig.com.